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Default Re: ~5TailedDemonLizard's Sprite Shop/Showcase~

Originally Posted by haybalebarn View Post
Hmm, you want requests, I guess I'll just have to give them.

1. Absol recolored negative.
2. Absol in avatar state.
3. Absol reposed as like here.
I'd love to do your requests, but PLEASE use the forms!!

Originally Posted by Cheerful Cherubi View Post
Hi! Before I request, I'd like to comment on your holograms! That's kind of not the right way to do them... You're supposed to turn the hue up 30 on one sprite, and down on another, then combine the two. Maybe it's just your own spin on it. Eh. It works.
Anyways, I'd like a fusion! I used a random generator!

Pokemon 1(Base): Politoed
Pokemon 2: Magmar
Pokemon 3(ect): Sandile
Recolor: Exploud

Great work, thanks!
I was taught the style of those holograms several years ago, so that's how I've always done them, but thanks for letting me know another style!

I'll edit this post with your finished request!


And here is the Polimagdile!!

I wasn't too keen on the Exploud recolor, so i left both the recolor AND the normal :)

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