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Default Re: [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures [G] ~ At least one new comic every week!

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Your puns were quite funny.

As for the one hit flamethrower KO, I justify that with the Blaze ability and that CJ's Charmeleon has a high special attack.

As for CJ's brother, he's steaming with anger.
OH WHY THANK YOU. They took me all of five seconds to devise!

Oohhh, you cool cat, you. Or, cool lizard, shall I say. xD Or, they're the lizards. You're an ant! XDDD Wow, I love how I found that so amusing... xD

(I was about to write "NO WORRIES," thinking that "OH WHY THANK YOU" was your comment because I looked up and saw that....ahaha...derp. DERPIOUS STRIKES AT 4:09AM!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhaha! Oh you. Ladderant.

'Nother one! 'Nother one! :D

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