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Default Re: Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge


Hoo boy, been a really long while since my last log. A lot of stuff came up, but I kept playing a little bit here and there, loooooots of grinding, lemme tell you guys x3

So now, onto my long-as-hell summary. (Warning: It's two-posts long to make up for the eight months without a post in this thread.)

After beating Winry and dominating at the Pokéathlon, I had a TON of points to spend (especially after doing it for a while longer and getting records in every event to get into the final room beneath the Pokéathlon Dome). And spend them I did. First I bought a Moon Stone for Tgana eventually, and then I used a crapton of points to buy Lemonades from the vending machine in the Dome, which I figured would more than likely be a great deal of help for the future. I also bought a Heart Scale or two and some Apricorns.

So I made my way up towards Ecruteak City, past where I did the double battles, and went into the grass. I ended up finding a female Vulpix (definitely made me duck and cover for fear that fate and destiny would lob nukes at me or something) and captured it, earning me my Fire-Type that could be useful, Selina. Now things are getting difficult with deciding who was going to be on my Team and who was gonna rot in the Box. So I put Daisura in the box and grabbed Tgana, who, at that point, was more than high-enough level to become a Nidorina. Simply got one level to get to level 23, and she evolved (having not evolved before due to being in the Daycare only). I decided that right about then was a good time to use the Moon Stone (after looking up if Nidoqueen can learn moves at certain levels, which I am pleased to note she can). With my new Nidoqueen, I headed into Ecruteak and into the Pokémon Center for healing.

First thing I saw was a familiar face: Bill! He said he fixed an issue or something before heading back home to Goldenrod. Well, hope he has fun with tha- waitaminute…I thought a bit, then decided to try my luck. I knew Bill gave out an Eevee, and if my luck stayed like it had been, I could very well have another Teammate. A quick trip to the Pokémon Center in Goldenrod to leave Felin in the box, and I talked to Bill…

And welcomed Vira the Eevee to my Team.

Quite astounded and wary once again, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted Vira to be. Certainly the best choice would be Espeon or Umbreon, but I had little use for a Dark-Type, and I had a decent Psychic-Type to begin with. So unfortunately I stashed her into the box for a while, deciding leveling and evolution could come later, having decided Espeon purely because it was cool to have an Espeon in my opinion.

Trying to go to Ecruteak Gym, the place was closed due to the leader’s absence. Irritated, I decided it was high time I was a tourist. First stop was the Kimono Girl Dance Theater. Beating up a Team Rocket idiot being a little too horny gained me HM 3, Surf, and that was when I learned something REALLY cool. See, I had been afraid I wouldn’t encounter a female Water-Type that could learn Surf, which would make me fail my Nuzlocke run very prematurely. However…

Nidoqueen can learn Surf. Freakin’. Awesome.

Next stop was Burned Tower. Purely because I wanted to see what was left after some pyro burned it down. Turns out that the Gym Leader was inside, helping a friend named…ah…Eusine, that’s it. Edward Cullen- I mean, French-looking sparkly guy- I mean, Eusine was looking for Suicune. And yet he even pointed the damn dog out to me through the big hole in the floor, through which I could see its counterparts, Entei and Raikou. Search over, right? Nope, every time he even tried to get close they all bolted. So his purpose for wandering around in here was…confusing at best, but whatever. I wanted to see those dogs up close, so I went snooping!

And ran into Ashura. The battle ended quickly, and he was still as prick-y as ever.

I went down the ladder, and the dogs BOLTED. Dude wasn’t kidding. Suicune kinda ran around me like, “HAHAHA, catch me now, beotch!” before running off, prompting Eusine to mention Suicune had something it saw in me that it liked. Yeah right, like it would be suicidal (as the Legendary Dogs are not females in the game, and are therefore food for my pretties *grin*). With the Gym Leader returning to his Gym, I knew what I wanted to do next.

I went into the Ecruteak Gym to see what I would be up against inside, and the whole place was reeeaaally dark, save a few lights. And these creepy candle-wearing ladies were the sources. I knew I would need to use Zita the most for this Gym, so I predominantly used her (having three or so close calls, unfortunately), but she soon evolved into a Haunter. Still, 25 was too low a level for me to be comfortable with, especially after my close call in Goldenrod’s Gym. And after training another five levels, I decided another boost in power was needed.

Borrowing my brother’s DS, I traded Haunter between my Platinum Version (using my Pikachu-colored Pichu as the trade-off, which allowed me to add Fara the Spiky-Eared Pichu to my Boxed roster, which, despite being from Ilex Forest, was legal due to being an event and not an encounter) and evolved it to Gengar before trading back and going back into Ecruteak Gym.

This guy, Morty, had a freakin’ AWESOME scarf. And not too bad of a line-up. But he seemed a bit cocky, so I solved that by sweeping his Team with Zita, humbling him and making things better. One more Gym badge down.

So, next was Olivine City. Quick trot along the route (with an unsuccessful party hunt), feeding berries to a sick Miltank so I can buy a crapton of MooMoo Milk, and some phone numbers later (including the number of this really…eccentric old man who just randomly went “Here, my number!” No battle or anything), I was finally in the port city of Olivine. Lovely place, great view of the ocean, sea salt in the air making it smell fresh and crisp and-

Ashura walking out of the Gym. This idiot was a glutton for punishment! But this time, he didn’t wanna battle, just complained the Gym Leader wasn’t in, but rather taking care of a sick Pokémon. He went on to rant that the sick Pokémon is just weak and shouldn’t be cared for, and all the usual prick stuff people like him say, ‘caring is stupid, strength is all that matters,’ blah blah freakin’ blah. Then he left.

The rock I lobbed at him barely missed hitting him hard in the head.

So I decided I wanted to climb the lighthouse to see what’s what. There were quite a few battles inside the lighthouse, allowing for good leveling opportunities, as well as a few close calls that put me on edge, but I made it to the top, and saw the leader and the sick Pokémon Ashura mentioned earlier. An Ampharos, cool; I kinda wanted one, an electrical Type would be a good addition to my Team. Nonetheless, the poor Ampharos was really sick, the light was dim as a result, and shy little Jasmine (I’m sorry, but her ellipses and stutters, as well as her formality, seemed a little cute to me at the time) asked me to help her out by going to get medicine for her. But rather than do the RPG classic thing of “Go get this for me cause I ask you to,” she couldn’t leave “Amphy’s” side, being as worried as she was and as sick as the poor thing was. So it was, in this case, understandable.

So I took the elevator down and headed to the West of Olivine to Surf from the Beach. And, y’know, I always thought that water would be a little bad for Tgana, being part-Ground, but she surfed REALLY well, and fast, too; put those dang Seaking to shame, honestly. So I enjoyed a nice, relaxing ride with Tgana Surfing to Cianwood…or, I would have, were there not a crapton of Trainers, and even more randomly-encountered Pokémon, along the water Route.

I swear, there were WAY too many swimming trainers out in the water, extremely far from land, for me to feel really comfortable. Not only were they more focused on battling than anything else, but it was the middle of the night, literally. So I wondered how many trainers had been out at night only to get carried under by whirlpools, or have their heads smashed against the sharp and thick rocks lining the edges of the route (which baffles me somewhat still to this day).

And then there were the random encounters I mentioned as well. Hooooooly crap. I know the encounter rate in Soul Silver is ridiculous, but yeesh, when on the water, I could hardly go a few spaces before going into another fight against a Tentacool (and yes, that’s ALL I ever faced), and I often went only one or two tiles before going into battle with these bastards. There was even a point where all I did was look a different way and suddenly went into a battle. And that happened three times on that same exact space. Geeeeeeeze…

Oh, also, on the topic of whirlpools I mentioned a little bit ago…those things are HUGE! I’m a little surprised Tgana and I didn’t get sucked down one at one point. Scary and impressive to look at, both at the same time. I could only wonder what could possibly be in the caves beyond them…cause there was no possible way I would ever get past those whirlpools, not to mention the caves were surrounded by impassable rocks everywhere the whirlpools weren’t. So no going there, I imagined.

It didn’t take relatively TOO long to reach Cianwood, and the first stop was…you guessed it, the Pokémon Center. My team was a little battered, but stronger, so it was all for the better. After healing up and refreshing with a nap (real life, of course), I headed to the Cianwood Pharmacy to get that healing remedy. I was a little wary of the stuff he gave me, hearing the mention of it being too powerful for normal use. Nonetheless, I took it and headed out. I didn’t wanna have to Surf aaaallll the way back to Olivine, and then Surf aaaallll the way back to Cianwood, so I knew I needed to fight the Gym and get HM Fly from the Gym Leader’s wife, who was conveniently standing just outside the door to the Gym.

I went inside and put Luna out in front, knowing she needed some leveling to catch up with Elice. So, the first battle I had her in ended up against a Hitmonchan, and…and…


I was surprised. The Hitmonchan was faster and got in a good hit on Luna, not quite half her HP, while her attack hit for over three quarters of its HP. However…everyone knows the bane of a Nuzlocke is the dreaded “Critical Hit.” And Luna got a really nasty one that morning. Elice got revenge for her, but I immediately went out to the beach and dug her grave…*sniff*

So, seething with anger over the loss of one of my Special Power hitters, I grabbed Vira the Eevee and stuck her in my Team for training and friendship-getting (slapping the Soothe Bell on her as well to increase the rate her friendship grows), then put Elice out in front. She DESTROYED the entire Gym with Air Slash, especially the Gym Leader’s Pokémon (though the Poliwhirl took two hits, and Elice was confused by a DynamicPunch, too, so confusion made me worry a second before she hit it anyway and won), so revenge was complete. The Gym Leader, by the way, was a fat old man who looked waaaayyyy too pruned, maybe from sitting underneath the waterfall day and night. Dunno how he allowed himself to get that gut, though. Beer binging, maybe?

Anyway, I exited the Gym after whomping Chuck and got the prize from his wife (who even agreed with me that he was getting too fat), HM Fly. I taught it to Elice and climbed on her back to fly all the way back to Olivine. And I never really realized it before, but Noctowl are HUGE. About five and a half feet tall when just standing there. So being on Elice’s back wasn’t awkward whatsoever. With a quick use of Fly, I was back in Olivine. Next stop: the Lighthouse (again).

A quick elevator ride up, and I gave Jasmine her Secretpotion stuff. She gave it to Amphy and…AAGGGH MY EYES! It got bright all of a sudden! Teach me to look at the ball on the end of an Ampharos’ tail while it’s getting healed from being sick…Nonetheless, she thanked me and went back to the Gym to await the battle I was obviously going to give her. So I descended down the elevator again and went outside, thinking about what I was gonna do to beat her. That didn’t really turn out as I’d hoped, cause as soon as I stepped outside I got a call from that old man I mentioned earlier, telling me the Safari Zone was open. So, wondering what that was, I Flew on Elice’s back all the way back to Cianwood and went into the tunnel.

This was a route I didn’t really expect. Not too long, and hardly any trainers, but there was a patch of grass at the end that was perfect for some training later. First thing was first, though, I went up to the little town-like place at the end of the new route and went inside to talk to the man…or rather, feign like I was listening while actually listening to some music on my phone-slash-Zune (iPods suck), and after a moment, he looked to me expectantly, so I nodded and turned off my music. I didn’t feel like using the Safari Zone, considering I wouldn’t be able to keep anything from there unless the very first thing I ever found was a female and worth it, so I didn’t. I went back outside for some training-grinding. Nabbed myself a Farfetch’d, too; still making sure I’m within leaping distance of my safehouse in case fate and destiny, after giving me all that luck, decide to surprise me with a bolt of lightning for breakfast.

It was going well until Janis came up against a Tauros. Thought the Ekans could handle it, but unfortunately, the Tauros was too strong and killed Janis with a Critical Hit before I could switch. Two deaths from Critical Hits in a single day, and both one level before their evolution…it seemed that fate and destiny were taking their vengeance on me. I was afraid of who else I was going to lose this day. But, good news came a few battles later. My Eevee, with sufficient happiness, was finally able to evolve into an Espeon to give me a replacement Psychic-Type. I was sure she would be rather useful in the coming battles.

A few hours of training later, I flew back to Ecruteak and went to the East route, wanting to explore before I started train-grinding again. Using the last of my repels, I made sure that I wasn’t going to encounter a Pokémon just yet. And then I met the Fisherman near the end of the route…I will never forget that battle. Guess why?...Yup, yet another Team death, this time my Weepinbell, Felin. A Critical Hit was the cause once more, of course. So yeah, three Critical Hit deaths in one day made me a sad panda. I needed some luck to put me in a good mood.

Luck came in the form of the Pokémon I encountered on Route 42 after I did the rest of the battles on the Route and allowed my repel to run out. A couple steps into the grass and I saw…a female Mareep! You KNOW that one was caught, welcoming Jaline the Mareep to my Team! Or…rather, my Team in the Box System. No room as of yet. And I wasn’t quite ready to go back to my grindfest, so I entered Mahogany Town and went north towards the Lake of Rage, killing the people there for fun (and encountering nothing of worth on the Route before the Lake). With that completed, I flew back to the Safari Zone for the rest of my leveling grind.

I made sure that everyone was at least level 35, save for Selina, who I put up to level 38. That done, I flew back to Olivine for my Gym match.

Despite being a shy girl, she gives a really tough match, even against a superiorly leveled Fire-Type. Selina was in the red before she finished her Steelix off. And once in battle, Jasmine isn’t quite so shy anymore, I noticed, she is TOUGH. But in the end, I was the winner and donned a new badge. I didn’t do much celebration, only one bottle of champagne this time. Didn’t really have the time for much more, cause I went back to the Lake of Rage; my luck senses were tingling again.

I made a quick Surf out into the Lake…and there was a RED Gyarados! I was (not really) astounded, and immediately went in for the battle! I wasn’t expecting very much, but then I saw a familiar pink symbol above its HP bar…a female! What luck! It was a lot easier to capture than a certain other large, snake-like Pokémon I remember having died back in Ilex Forest. So, that done, it was time to return to shore, where I was met by…


No, wait, capes don’t mean Batman. And that shockingly red hair wouldn’t quite fit under Batman’s mask easily. That meant this was only one possible person: Lance the Dragon Master. He had a conversation with me and declared he needed my help with something back in Mahogany Town, so I flew back and entered the item shop with the odd metal tree next door…

I watched as Lance’s Dragonite used Hyper Beam to knock someone through the freakin’ wall Team Rocket style, and then he opened a secret staircase downstairs. I went down…and realized just why that man flew off Team Rocket Style…It IS Team Rocket! Bastards are turning up everywhere! So, I hiked up my britches and went to work.

This place wasn’t necessarily hard, it was…tedious and irritating. The first floor had all kinds of traps that would pit you either into a battle against two Rockets, one after the other (Persian statues), or a random Pokémon that would be known to explode (floor tile traps). Like I said, not hard, just…tedious. Good grinding fodder, though. The only reason I killed everything on that floor would be because of the valuable experience it all gave.

So, descending down to the second floor, I found Lance (finally caught up with that speedy bastard), and watched as his Dragonite laid out yet another Team Rocket mook, allowing Lance to extract the info about the necessity of a password needed to get in the area where we can shut down the facility. There would be only one right way to gain the password.

Spy style.
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