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Default Re: Replication;. {su//open.}

Name:: Rayquaza
Disguise Name:: Cinn (pronounced: Sin) Sky
Species:: Rayquaza
Age:: Appears 19
Gender:: Male

Human Appearance:: (Remove the baseball cap and weird symbol on his jacket. Add a pair of green striped running pants and white running shoes. Also, has two simple metal swords strapped to his back. And, please ignore the silly grin.)

Personality:: Rayquaza rolls with the punches. Nothing seems to phase him, and when he has a goal, he follows it single mindedly. He rarely jests and prefers to keep to himself, ignoring humans whenever possible, brushing them off whenever he can. He always has a flat, serious expression on his face that has rarely changed. He has however, adapted to human form quite easily, taking it in stride, and has accumulated a large amount of cash for just those situations when he might need it. He is almost always prepared for anything that might come his way.
History:: Keeps it to himself. At some point in time located and teamed up with Articuno.
Other:: None.

Name:: Articuno
Disguise Name:: Seenye Cyro (pronounced Seen-yay from loosely the sound of the French word for swan, if google translate isn't lying to me. Last name is pronounced Sigh-row, just a simple letter swap of Cryo, which is an english prefix meaning "icy cold" or "frost". I have no clue why I told you this.)
Species:: Articuno
Age:: Appears 21
Gender:: Female
Human Appearance:: (Ignore the name at the bottom if you will.)

Personality:: People expect ice types to be cold and distant. Not so with Articuno. (Hey look, a rhyme! Anyways...) Articuno has a very out there personality, blunt and too the point, and always a bit overbearing. If she's not happy about something, you will hear about it. She has a very startling effect on the normal people of the world, which is as much of an effect of her ancient style of armor and spear as it is her strong personality.
History:: Keeps it to herself. At some point in time found and teamed up with Rayquaza
Other:: Her wings only appear in human form some of the time, and she can control when. To switch from human to winged human forms she has to go into her legendary form first.

Question. How will powers and moves be dealt with? Can legendaries use their abilities in human form? Can they use all their moves in their normal forms?
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