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Originally Posted by FireSong View Post
I kinda feel stupid for asking the question. xD Thanks, though. ^^
And here's my SU. :3


Disguise Name:
Ayana Petalheart





Human Appearance:

(Got the pictures from photobucket. And ignore the sword there. :o)

Cosmos, when in the company of Pokemon, is kind and gentle; one would often see a smile on her face. She deems herself as their protector and thus acts like so; however, she doesnít tolerate those who do bad deeds. If this creature catches someone doing naughty, then sheíll punish them by giving them either a scolding or a place in Poke-jail, depending on the wrongdoer. If Cosmos perceives a hope for change, then itíll be the former; but if not, itís the latter. Yes, she still does that even in her other form, yet with more caution to avoid some sort of commotion.
In any case, this Legendary Pokemon is easy to get along with... as long as the individual trying to befriend her is a fellow Pokemon.

When it comes to humans... well, Cosmos gets an attitude change. She generalizes them as vile and therefore holds an emotion of hatred against them, especially after what Cyrus did to her and the other Legends. So whenever a person tries to approach her, she ignores and gets away from them. The only reason she hasnít completely thought of destroying humanity is because of her closest friend, Azalea, a Leafeon.

Cosmos hasnít always abhorred humans; in fact, she used to play with some children prior to being captured by the leader of Team Galactic. She lived a happy and peaceful life until then, wherein everything seemed like a nightmare. She has suffered a lot and just couldnít wait to get out of there to get revenge; Cosmos almost lost her reason during those dark days, but before she did, Cyrus released all of the Legends into the wild. She didnít know why, nor is she interested; what mattered to this Pokemon was that they were free, albeit some injuries. It was thanks to her Leafeon friend who saw her hiding in a forest that she was able to recover faster than she should.

Cosmos isnít among those who got recaptured by Cyrus, but she was aware of it and couldnít do anything. She was relieved when they were set free once more; yet when they discovered his plan, she fixed her mind into stopping the replicas no matter what.

(Sorry if it seemed rushed; I originally didn't want to put anything in this section due to laziness, but my writer side disagreed with me. xD)

Cosmos has been offered Azaleaís help, which she reluctantly accepted because the Leafeon said that she wants to keep an eye on her... and insisted non-stop.

So yeah, Azalea's coming along, but just a minor character. See how happy she is? :3

(Image from Google.)
I can remove her, though, if you want.

Dun feel stupid. D: xD


And you can keep Azalea. ;]

Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Name:: "I go by many names, few of which you would understand and none of which concern you. You may call me by my species if I am not in human form.

Disguise Name:: Sherlock Holmes

Species:: Uxie

Age:: Appears 17

Gender:: Refered to as male

Appearance:: An Uxie. What.

Human Appearance:: Uxie took special care in ensuring that he didn't look like himself in human form. The only resemblances to his actual self are his blond hair in a short afro and his gray tinged skin. He stands at only 5' and has a lanky frame. He wears blue jeans and a red shirt to go with it

Personality:: Intelligent, wise, blah. Uxie is very intelligent, but he likes to have fun. He plays trickster often, conniving his way to victory with encyclopediac knowledge of nearly everything and a cunning rivaling most mob bosses. He dances to the beat of a different drum, but he's generally likable, regardless of his penchance for sarcasm.

When angry, this fun loving personality vanishes. It is replaced by a cold, cunning, manipulative person who is able to predict the actions of his enemies and is not afraid to use it. He may be small, but he can take a lot of punishment without feeling winded. He tends to come up with strategies that use his opponent to defeat his opponent.

Other:: He is technically blind in human form. He has enough rudimentary psychic power to see (in color), though.
Accepted. ^^

i can't love you more than this
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