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Originally Posted by mickmon95 View Post
Name: Reshiram

Disguise Name: Kotomi Dendeshu

Species: Reshiram

Age: Appears to be 17

Gender: Female


Human Appearance:

Personality: Reshiram is calm and quiet. She keeps to herself a lot and is selfish. She can also be arrogant and impolite. She is rude to strangers and is very judgmental. She is cold and distant as well. She doesn't really understand the feelings she has observed through living with the humans. She doesn't understand love especially. She sees it as an illusion the humans make for themselves. She dislikes humans but she doesn't hate them all. She is short tempered and impatient, especially with ignorance. She will strike without thinking if her rage is high enough. She doesn't like taking orders from anyone but she also doesn't like leading. She doesn't really care much for the problem's of others, unless they are someone she deeply cares for. She doesn't trust others easily, especially humans. But her trust has to be earned as is her respect. She despises making mistakes and looking foolish in front of others. She has an excess amount of pride.

History: One day Reshiram was flying above the seas near the Unova region when she was ambushed by a clan of bounty hunters. They were able to surround her in the sky and she truly thought it was the end for her. But out of the blue Kyogre stepped in and took them all out with a giant whirlpool. Both of them escaped without too much damage, but from then on Reshiram vowed to always help Kyogre if she ever needed it. So after that they both went their separate ways. Maybe they'll meet again someday.

Other: None
Accepted. ^^

I'm going to start this RP on the 27th, as, obviously, tomorrow is Christmas, and I'm busy on Boxing Day. I will get my Latios SU done either today or just before I put the RP up. ^^

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