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Default Re: ~5TailedDemonLizard's Sprite Shop/Showcase~

Wow, i cant believe I finished these today! The Flying type Groudon was annoying..

First up, the Avatar Weather Trio

My favorite out of these has to be Kyogre. The colors work well together.

And then the girly inverted Rayquaza

Did i hear someone say rave? *starts dancing with neon dragon pokemon*

And finally, the retypes.

Magmadon: This pokemon lives within volcanic lava. Due to this, magma is infused into its body, giving its markings and eerie, firey glow.

Valkyridon: Though this pokemon cannot fly, it channels the power of the air using its feathered arms. The cloud on its back turns darker if it becomes angry.

Fail pokedex entries are fail

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