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Default Re: ~5TailedDemonLizard's Sprite Shop/Showcase~

That was amazing. Great job on all of them! I'm really pleased on how you did the Flying type Groudon, I gave you a challenge and you certainly delivered! Plus, that beak is just the perfect touch. For the Avatar trio, none of them really seemed to work quite right with the colors, though that is not your fault, but just their base colors not mixing with the avatar ones. For Rayquaza, the problem seems to be that there isn't enough contrast between the colors. For Kyogre, although it turned out the best, there is still little contrast, making the sprite oh so very blue. And for Groudon, there's contrast, but it just isn't quite right, they don't contrast in a way that's pleasing to the eyes. Of course, none of that is your fault, and you did well with what you had! Also, no comment needed on the fire Groudon, it looks badass enough as it is.