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Default Re: DEADLIEST FANFIC WARRIOR! (Promo and Discussion Thread)

Originally Posted by Redlark View Post
*rubs chin*

I was thinking of Mario vs. Sonic for quite some time, but I don't know. I already have some good match up ideas for Sonic, but also have an interesting match up for not just Mario, but The Mario Bros. as a team.

But yes--Mario vs. Sonic is on a 'need-to-do' basis for this sort of thing.

I might leak a few episode(s) to come, we'll see.

I recall some people on Youtube did an animation and analysis of fights. Sonic vs. Mario - Sonic won because of his natural abilities. Mario relied too heavily on items in the fight.

They did Shadow vs. Vegeta. Shadow got vaporized.

Augh. The one thing my immortality doesn't cover.

Sonic vs. Flash? Hmm...

Classic Sonic has no chance, honestly. But Modern does. Flash has more muscle in the arms, but Sonic has a stubbornness that is unmatched by any but Azelf (the Being of Willpower, ironically XD).

I'm sensing a draw.

Lol @ Gem. You are a total Shadow fangirl XD *High fives*
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