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Default Re: DEADLIEST FANFIC WARRIOR! (Promo and Discussion Thread)

Sheepat - Anyways, on topic of Sonic Vs. Flash. Sonic has the spines that rip through Mario.

Yeah--that's one of the reasons why I don't like the idea of Sonic vs. Mario. It's wanted, but the odds are just really heavy on Sonic's side. There'd have to be a lot of things given to Mario (items and power ups) to even the fight out to be presentable. Mario's just a little too slow... But I think it'd be a fun fight to watch, but going over the facts, the stats at the end would be unbearable.

But the Flash, even though as a fighter, there's not a lot to him other than a really really fast guy. He does have a few good qualites:

* The Flash is so fast that he can turn off the light and get in bed before the room gets dark.
* The Flash is so fast that he bought all the 52 issues at once.
* The Flash is so fast, hes drunk before you even pour wine in his glass.
* The Flash is so fast, when he plays basketball, the ball gets dribbled into China!
* The Flash is so fast, he counted to infinity- twice!
* The Flash is so fast, he catches his OWN COLD.
* The Flash is so fast, it only takes him four years to run a full circle around your mama... wrong joke...


. . .

*Sigh*... sorry. I found those while researching the Flash and thought they were funny at some point. But in retrospect, I now regret the whole matter. I sincerely apologize for any brain cells lost.

The Flash is so fast that his new jokes were funny yesterday. lol.

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