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Default Re: Saraibre Ryu vs. Mizuki Emi

Round Three


Blissey (F)

HP: 98%
Energy: 82%
Condition: Coated in goo; +1 Evasion; Toxic
Moves: Flamethrower ~ Aromatherapy

Saraibre Ryu

[Shayda] Ariados (F)

HP: 79%
Energy: 87%
Condition: Feeling a bit warm
Moves: Venoshock/Hone Claws/Mimic ~ Facade/Venoshock/Hone Claws/Electroweb

Blissey felt the poison coursing through her body; she knew that it would cause her trouble if she left it unchecked for much longer. However, before she could deal with it, there was the small matter of revenge. Flames leapt in her mouth and poured out across the field, catching Shayda by surprise. The spider was caught in the torrent of flame. She was hurt badly by the heat and fell to the ground. However, she was quickly back up and ready to give her opponent a real fight.

A different collection of poisons began to mix in her gut to create another venom, this one was different to the last in that it wouldn’t stay in the target’s body for very long after contact, but it would react to the poison already there, causing an intense amount of pain – or that was the plan. A spray of purple toxins spread out over the grass, making a few of the blades wilt. However, Blissey was hardly hurt by the attack; her species naturally high defences absorbed most of the attack.

And now she knew that she needed to get rid of the poison afflicting her urgently. She closed her eyes and began to expel a pale green powder from her mouth, which swirled around her gently. She breathed in this powder, feeling its healing power work at once. Before long, she was completely healed of the poison and was ready to go back on the offensive.

Shayda needed to deal some damage to her opponent if she wanted a chance now. Energy started to become concentrated, causing a white glow. She ran at Blissey as quickly as she could, trying to bite down on the fleshy, pink body. Unfortunately, the nurse was quicker than she appeared and smoothly sidestepped the attack. Shayda stumbled past, cursing angrily. The Ariados glared at the pink creature angrily – she needed to do something soon.

Mizuki Emi

Blissey (F)

HP: 96%
Energy: 62%
Condition: Cleaning off the goo; +1 Evasion

Saraibre Ryu

[Shayda] Ariados (F)

HP: 62%
Energy: 83%
Condition: Running out of ideas

Flamethrower- (Rolled 5/10, 1 to burn; Blissey -13% Energy; Ariados -17% HP)
Venoshock- (Rolled 13/100, 75 or less to hit; Ariados -5% Energy; Blissey -2% HP)
Aromatherapy- (Blissey -7% Energy, no longer toxic-poisoned)
Facade- (Rolled 90/100, 75 or less to hit; Ariados -9% Energy)

Arena Notes