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Default URPG Times Is Back (Again. And Again.)

The URPG Times has appeared throughout the URPG's history over and over again, under many editors. Through the talent of the URPG's members, it has spread news, tips, stories, and jokes to generation after generation. Okay, gonna stop before I sound too much like Harry.

In short, if you can write, are funny, make comics, or can count to ten, the most recent incarnation of the URPG Times could use your help. There will be a salary to everyone who gets their pieces in on time, and all you have to do is contribute a little something every two weeks! Works well for everyone. If you're interested, post below with what position you want and any skills you think make you suited for the job.



-Individual Sections-
News & Events: OPEN
Announcements: OPEN
Trading Section: OPEN
Comics: OPEN
Articles/Reports: OPEN
The Buzz: SLC, OPEN
Featured Member Interview Q&A: OPEN
Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A: White Knight
Pokémon Of The Week: SLC
Story Of The Week: OPEN
Roleplayer Of The Week: SilverXChrome

Here's a brief description of each of the positions (Stolen from the HQ):

Editors: Editors are around to check on the overall quality of what's being submitted as well as spell/grammar checking and making sure nothing will get us put on an FBI watchlist.

Trading Section
You will get a list of up for trades offers that are posted in the Trading Machine for that specific week. When sending the information to your Editor, remember to include the person's name that is offering the trade, along with a link to that specific post. Then, list out the Pokémon that he is offering in alphabetical order.

The person in charged of Trainer Of The Week will handle this as well. While counting the number of battles, also make a separate note for the winners of each FFA reffed. Include the position (and thus, number of players in the FFA), member's name and Pokémon, referee in charged, and the Special Rule for that FFA.

You are expected to make a comic for the URPG Times each week. Due to the relative difficulty and time constraints, you can make a comic on an alternative week pattern. If there are multiple people in charged of this section, they can take turns making comics as well. As permanent workers of the newsletter, you will also receive a slightly higher pay than normal contributing members. This section is still subjected to removal if responses aren't good.

The people in charged of this section are expected to have a relatively 'okay' writing skills, with proper spelling and grammar. That doesn't mean for you to be a grammar nazi as well. As long as it is readable and presentable, you're good. You're expected to submit one or more article/report for each week, or alternative should you be unable to do it every week. Your articles/reports can range from all kind of URPG materials, ranging from a wide range of subjects like the history of URPG, the play style in URPG battling, what Pokémon to use, a writeup/article on a specific Pokémon or a type, etc.

The Buzz
This is basically what's happening around in the URPG community, except it will be based on the more private but still acceptable messages, such as on VMs or AIM Chats itself. You can include gossips on what's going on in URPG at the current moment, or even include quotes or short logs from AIM itself.

Featured Member/Gym Leader Interview Q&A
You're expected to complete an interview each week with an URPG member and a Gym Leader respectively. You don't have to do both, since they belong to different sections. I'm just combining it while explaining it since it's rather similar. The interview questions are up to you but you should remember to make the content relatively interesting, or amusing. This isn't required, but a general tip would be to complete it a 'roleplay' style. Look at Issue 3 if you need an example. You can be random, funny, amusing, or whatever that you can think of, just remember to stay on topic for the respective Member or Gym Leader interview.

Story Of The Week & Roleplayer Of The Week
Unlike the previous sections, you will not be expected to compile a spreadsheet data. You have to simply look through the stories or roleplays posted within the current week, and pick one that you think is the best. Best as in the most interesting, amusing, funny, excellent example, different perspective, unusual, etc. The bottom line is for you to pick one based on your opinion. You have to write a recommendation to it as well, explaining things like why did you pick it and why is it worth reading. Nothing too long, but it should cover all of the relevant information that's needed.


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