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Default Re: [SU/DS] SONIC: A Rift in Time

Name: Sonic

Age: 15

Era: Modern (during time of Sonic Unleashed)

Species: Hedgehog/Werehog

Appearance: At day he looks like a blue hedgehog with white gloves and red and white shoes. At night his fur is more noticable and is darker. His teeth get sharper. He gets more muscular and he loses his gloves. He grows claws and has spikes on his shoes.

Personality: At day he is a carefree, friendly, competetive joker. At night he tries not to be seen by his friends because of his new look but if he is needed he'll step out of the shadows and help.

History: Before time split he was just restoring power to the chaos emeralds. He already restored 5 and just before he reached the 6th Gaia Temple time split and he ended up in a field. He started to look around for anyone.

Abilities: At day he has super speed but at night he loses his speed and gains strength and stretching abilities.

Other: He has the Chaos Emeralds with him. Five restored two powerless.
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