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Default Re: Worst Collector Ever :curios, bazzar, emporium, Dream World etc:

Originally Posted by Pokemon Elite 2000 View Post
Can I give you a Gen.4 Jirachi *LEGIT as I don't like hackers* for Carlita's Hydreigon?
i dont think you seen this- SMR2010 Jirachi (GMS)# 06260 UT Lv 5 (i have all natures ) @ liechi berry, Classic ribbon Draco Meteor -Unlocks a route on Poke walker HG/SS-).

Also I only trade my Gen V event for other Gen V event I dont yet have.
Dream World for Dream World
and im kinda flexible on shinies..depending..

JUST NOW ADDED.. I will update my list with the 411 on these recently obtained Gen V events
A) Lv 70 Tornados via J-White. UT
B) x2(<- natures and IVs) Lv 34 Dream World Mamoswine
C) x2(<- Natures and IVs) US WiFi Victini with Searing shot.
i know for sure the Mamo's have a date of 12/25/2011

PS- also to the list is a DW Chimeco i can breed for you..

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