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Default Re: Monbrey's Log of BMG Server Downtime


Battle #1,478

Holds On
Weather: Sun
No Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion/Species Clauses
Lavaridge Gym Battle

Leader Kai-Mei vs White Knight

Kai-Meo: Infernape, Rotom-H, Ninetales, ???
White Knight: Gyarados, Raichu, Cloyster, Flygon

Kai had the upper hand all the way through, using U-Turn and Volt Switch to move through her team. Eventually Ninetales tanked up and finished the match.

Kai-Mei: $2,000 + Defends
White Knight: $1,000

Match Wages: $1,500
Total Wages: $1,500
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