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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 26-Ruthless Resolve

After the events of last night, I thought it best to tell nobody. I would simply hunt down Valio and use him as a vent for my rage and sorrow. I wasn't going to toy with the corpse, but the scene would defiantly not be for kids...Other than me, of course.

Ohnal's motivate speech flew right over my head-I didn't need a motivational speech at this point. However, as it turned out, most everyone got grouped together at one point in town, not even a particularly populated one, so Ohnal had to assign patrol points, and I was given the spot where the Lati Gardens were, by coincidence, of course. if Ohnal knew, he'd put me anywhere but near where Legendary Pokémon were, but I didn't decide to notify him. My lips were sealed. I would not be weak.

Surprisingly, I ran into neither Latios or Latias, and I should have had at least one encounter with them, being so similar in purpose, and so close in some kind of instinctive (and intrusive) sense. Regardless, my eyes were on for any sign of a Tyranitar Pokemorph: Sudden Sandstorm, sand, landscape-changing strength, and-almost too obvious to acknowledge-the look of a Tyranitar Pokemorph. But nobody had any clue the whole day. That's how the first half of the day went by.

Then something interesting happened, around noon. The Exio Void was making another attempt at the Lati Gardens, and as I was nearby, it quickly reached my ears. This time, however, they weren't just leaving it in the hands of the sole Feraligator-no, they brought the Devourer Emboar and their better numbers, as well as what was left of their good Shadow Pokémon reserves, as apparently, I stole quite a few good ones. I and a few other Eon Sky members converged, mainly to see what would happen, and to intervene if it got bad: Ohnal didn't know that Legends aren't the source of natural balance, but rather a plan of action in case nature suddenly decided to go apocalyptic, but either way, nobody would want to see the Exio Void win that much. However, I had just bet that the Eon Twins wouldn't stick around, being faster than jets, and the Emboar would just eat the Exio Void, more than likely, so it would be amusing if they failed.

The Exio Void plan wasn't stupid, from the looks of things when I got there: A small force was being brought to the alleyway that served as the main entrance into the Gardens, but they were certainly enough alone to handle the Eon Twins in case they were being expected. There was also a much more substantial force coming in via the waterways, carried to and fro by a Water-Type (probably the Feraligator), all armed, all with Shadows, including the leader, and apparently, a hostage they've been saving just for the occasion. They all probably forgot the chance that the Twins might just not be there, from the looks of things, but if they were, this wouldn't be good.

Where was I? I was perched on a rooftop, overlooking the whole scene, including the Lati Gardens-I was immune to the illusion, being on of their 'kin,' so I was safe.

The order was given, and the first entry force emerged, running straight in, silently. The windmills started turning, as they did with an unwanted presence in the Eon Twin's refuge. No Dragons in sight.

The first of the water-carried troops started emerging from the pond, including the Leader-the woman that had dragged the girl I got Scyez from down the stairs, the one with the Shadow Aura-and the Feraligator used to ferry them there was immediately going back, as a Shadow Swampert brought in a few more. The Windmills were turning even faster, as darker presences were brought forth. Still no Dragons.

The Leader was becoming impatient as the last forces filled the Courtyard, including their hostage, who's time was being spent in a sack. Had I asked, I could get an eye on the targets, quickly head back to the Calypso, get a big gun for someone else, come back, tell whoever got it where to shoot, and watch the carnage, but I knew that nobody could see the action unless they were inside the Gardens, and it was crawling with Exio Void troops

"GAH! The d**m recon team failed AGAIN?!" The Leader yelled, stomping her feet, and making the people closest to her that weren't Commanders take a few steps back. She then got hold of her com. device, and started yelling into it. "IDIOTS, YOU SCREWED IT ALL UP AGAIN! THAT'S TWICE! TWICE!! Once, maybe acceptable, but TWICE?! You are all DEAD, unless you pull out a f***ing miracle, right f***ing NOW!"

The f***ing miracle she received was either exactly the one she wanted, or totally not the one she wanted. A hit-and-run attack by one of the Lati Twins suddenly commenced, cutting off the heads of half the forces there. The Windmills, turning enough to cut heads off itself, slowed down enough to stand right next to it without being pushed away, but was still dangerously fast. Latias wasn't the kind for slicing heads off normally, and I don't think that, even in a temper, she'd do that. Latios had to be responsible, and more importantly, he had to be angry. I myself seemed to be reason enough, but the direction of his attack was moving away from me, though. That was good-he didn't know where I was.

Latios didn't stick around, of course, but even then, judging strictly from the reactions of the Leader, the recon team seemed to be smug, but only very inwardly.

However, time stretched on, a few hours before the next attack. The Exio Void members were smarter, their crowd was thinned out conveniently enough, and many less heads were cut off in a run the next round, but there was still blood. And this time, he was coming towards my position. I was not liking the scenario-half of me knew that Latios had reason enough to give away my position in a heartbeat after what happened, and half of me rather wanted to evade confrontation. Fortunately, this confrontation didn't happen, and Latios steered to the right before he got close enough to my building.

It was nearing nightfall, and the Leader was mad like hell, but she refused to leave, and to add to it all, it was raining harshly, a storm picking up, and even a lucky thunderbolt hitting the Exio Void base. Twice. It shut down all power and made communication impossible, as well as taking a bit of a dent out of the building. The Leader was muttering cussword under her breath like a machine gun, and would have exploded if anyone talked about her. The others, equipped with silenced guns, started firing off a few rounds at the surrounding area. It didn't take long after they did so that another attack happened. The unlucky shooters were totally off-guard, not even scratching Latios, and at this point, the body count was enough that if Latios engaged in a head-on attack, he would have an excellent chance of victory.

<"Avalon, what's the status of the reconnaissance?"> Ohnal asked via telepathy at every hour, on the hour.

<"Exio Void hasn't moved an inch, no sign of our target, Latios has done a third run, casualties for the Void are high."> I responded. The latter parts were mainly to alert him of a well-timed potential assault, finishing off the Exio Void to take resources, eliminate the risk of a ruthless rival, and possibly even swing a little favor with the Onlisk.

<"Good. Remain in your position, recon ends in an hour. That's all."> Ohnal said, not even responding at the hinted question. I thought I was going to be left to my thoughts and watching these idiots for another hour, when I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I whirled around, drawling the Illicit Blessing with an assassin’s silence.

It was Latias. If it was Latios, my neck wouldn't have been intact, so I guess it was better, but I didn't want to see her cry. She was in her human Avatar, which looked like a teenage artist, with straight, long brown hair, a small but well-defined nose, two sapphire-blue eyes, and a green beret. I couldn't tell if she was tearing up, or already crying-there was too much rain to judge whether or not there were tears on her face.

"Well? I don't need sympathy, I don't feel like dying, and I think you'd like it to see them, at the very least, leave. I have no regrets for what I did, no regrets for joining Eon Sky, and no regrets for ruthlessly cutting down Meloetta." I said, brisk.

"Her name is Melodey. We all have names of our own, except Arceus...Calling us by our species names is generally formal...My name's Cherri, if you didn't already know by the way...I have...Things to ask you. What I don't get is...How did you know Lesha was a spy?" She said. She had a sweet voice, but obviously one stained in sorrow.

"Melo was an unwitting asset for information. I didn't even need to look at Lesha to know. Aside from that, the action of planting a spy, or rather, the way you did it, was stupid. Iris would have probably knocked me out if you didn't make her take that course of action, and dragged me back to Cavix and to my inevitable death, if she got there. So thanks for saving my life, unwittingly." I said, still brisk.

"I have more...I'm not sure what you saw in Avonu's office to make you think he was a spy for the Arbiters, so what's that? Also, why'd you join Eon Sky with that information, instead of taking it to Gear, assuming your correct? What's your deal, ditching us?! You had a chance, you didn't have to do anything other than give up your silly crusade, we wouldn't have even touched Eon Sky at all, and you knew that, WHY did you throw it in the dirt?!" Cherri said. She sounded exasperated.

"I put everything I had for Eon Sky, hoping to win it back and more. Leaving it would shatter trusts I had already, and possibly make me lose. That's for the reason I dropped your offer. As for joining Eon Sky...I do not think you'd believe me at this point about what made me KNOW Avonu was a spy unless you were actually looking at it yourself, but with the knowledge, I guess I decided that there would be those too stubborn to accept a fact, even if they knew it, and that would lead to civil war, something that would destroy the Onlisk, the only force keeping the Arbiters in any sort of check. I instead decided that removing Avonu by a party expected to do it was a better course of action. I didn't intend to join, but I rolled with it." I said.

"...Loyalty....among Terrorists? Crazy. I think most of them would sell you out in a heartbeat...I guess there could be some that are better than that, but still..." Cherri said, still struggling with the concept a little. "...You haven't told me what you saw...What was it?"

"You wouldn't believe me, and if you did, Arceus won't. Latios won't. Even if they didn't hate me, they wouldn't believe. What's the big fat deal with sense, anyhow? I've been a regular twelve-year old as far as I know, and suddenly, I'm thrown in this crazy situation, where I'm freaking powerful, the a**holes tailing me more so, I've got your buddies hounding on me, and even more crazy s**t I'd rather have NEVER been involved in! I HAVE to do this, I HAVE to do that, and it's not even that! I have never, ever, not even once, had a**holes wanting me dead, not EVER BEFORE! Now I've got the whole d**m Nexus after my rear! And it's not even that! You know what it is?! NONE OF THIS MAKES F***ING SENSE!!! I'VE LOST F***ING EVERYTHING, AND I CAN'T GET S**T BACK!!! AND IT'S ALL SENSELESS, THIS IS THE BULL**** OF FANTASY FROM WHERE I WAS RAISED!!!!" I yelled.

Not smart. Seriously not smart. There wasn't anything preventing the noise from reaching the ears of the Exio Void troops below, and they were focused in on it like flies to honey. Forgetting the whole reason they were in the Gardens at all, they now had every last gun pointed at where the sound came from, which wasn't exactly me, and had whipped out every Pokémon, who were then told to look exactly where they were pointing, with some grunts correcting them. It was almost too good to be true: The corrections mislead most of the Exio Void members so much, that they either were headstrong and ignored it, firing the wrong way instead of the correct way the directions were pointed at, or listened, and fired the wrong way, when they were pointing the right way instead. The night was too dark to see me in, so somehow, I was safe, but they were on even higher alert now.

My outburst had caused Cherri to start crying, tears indistinguishable from rain, on her knees, confused and alone in her sorrows: She had expected her presence, her mercy, her 'relationship' with me, something, anything, to have at least made me listen. It was not the case, not even slightly, and even then, she hadn't expected my unnessicary harshness. It was a blow, a heavy blow. But I cared very little. I would be strong. Even if strength couldn't have a all-defining definition, just like how perfection couldn't exist.

I sat there for another thirty minutes, with Cherri trying to recover from the blow. It was raining harder than I thought possible, and it was enough to make anything else look dumb. Ohnal Telepathed with a warning: Thirty minutes, time to hit the hay, and no Valio assassination would take place. Makeshift was for idiots, obviously, and the final day at Alto-Mare was strictly to kill Valio if we found him, and as a last check for the barrier systems.

"...If you're so...Loyal...To Eon Sky...Why do they make you kill? You don't like it!" Cherri said.

"I like killing the right people, the ones that really just don't deserve life." I said. "Call it being a vigilante, call it being a criminal, call it whatever. That's Justice, miserably for you. I haven't forgotten the rules, the little part of my mind that knows them hates the rest of me for not following them...But...I am not Latries. I may break them of my own accord. I am not bound to them, I just know them. Latries is bound to them and knows them, but I am not Latries. Latries is a part of me, but not the other way around." I added. "Besides, sometimes justice is nothing more than just glorified revenge." I said, timing it nicely with a thunderbolt from the sky.

"Glorified revenge?!" Latias said, partially insulted, but mostly surprised.

"Yes. Now, feel free to leave. I've got another half-hour of doing nothing other than sitting around in the rain, looking for an elderly Tyranitar Pokemorph that really needs to bite the dust sooner than later." I said, turning around.

I couldn't believe my luck: Valio Kyte, in the flesh, was in the courtyard, the hostage the whole time. Apparently somebody decided that a regular sandstorm was better than rain landing hard enough to leave welts, and the removal of the sack from Valio's body was enough to activate his Ability, and let sand swirl in the gardens, which didn't cancel out the rain, and made everybody else even angrier. The mad chaos down in the gardens was near zero-visibility, but was still dangerously and definitely occupied with Exio Void members that would shoot anything that moved in their very short line of sight, and even had one Devourer Emboar that could eat anything so long as it touched it. That all added up to one thing: I could finish this. With that kind of crazy action, a single operative, silent and quick, would be able to pull off an assassination attempt any day of the week.

<"Ohnal, Ohnal, I have a visual on Valio Kyte! Valio is the Exio Void hostage! Very strong rain and the localized sandstorm conditions going on in the gardens favor a stealth attack right now on our hostage! It would probably work to great effect, considering the visibility, and could lead authorities to believe the Exio Void was responsible. Do I go in?!"> I telepathed to Ohnal, hastily.

<"...The repairs are good...Weather's nowhere near perfect, but it'll have to do. Everyone! Avalon's found Valio Kyte! Valio's the Exio Void hostage in the Lati Gardens! If we can kill him now, we can leave, the repairs are finished!"> Ohnal said. My cue to go was right then and there. Latias overheard my thoughts, and gasped. She reached for me, gently, but I took a step away, out of her grasp, and without further ado, I jumped into the chaos.
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