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Default Re: What if they were real? [SU/DS]

This looks really interesting! Mind if I join?

Name:: Alamar Utori

Age:: 18

Gender:: Female

Appearance:: Alamar stands about 5'7". She has long black hair that she ties back in a ponytail. One cyan streak starts on the left side of her hair. Her eyes are a light hazel, but may seem darker since she usually keeps them shadowed by her hoodie. Though part of Team Plasma, she ignores the use of their uniform, and she is therefore considered a "covert operative" (though she just thinks the uniform is showy). Instead, she wears a black hoodie with blue and white stripes around the cuffs and down the back (she has to show some support ;)). She also wears slightly faded blue jeans and white sneakers. She carries her two pokeballs in a small back pack on her waist. Items are carried in her white backpack.

Personality:: She is very quiet and usually doesn't talk to those she doesn't consider close friends (of which she only has a few). She is very secretive about her involvement with Team Plasma, and doesn't like to talk openly about them, but she speaks out readily against Team Rocket. If you gain her trust, she may reveal parts of her past to you.

History:: to be revealed in the rp


[Kaida] Sceptile (Female)
Kaida has a blue scarf around her neck, which slightly boosts her speed.

[Nacht] Absol (Male)
Nacht has a scar on his head blade, and wears a black bandana around his neck which slightly boosts the power of his dark type moves.

Side:: Team Plasma

Other:: Alamar and her Pokemon are close friends, which is why she only has two. She does not force them to fight, and agrees with Team Plasma's ideals that Pokemon are not weapons to be exploited.

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