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Eishiba walked along the gravel road. He couldn't wait to challenge the gym leader. The bright sun shined down making the afternoon warm as Eishiba began to wonder what type of Pokemon he used. Eishiba heard behind him, clapping sounds along with a few snorts. He looked behind him to see his Mankey following, clapping and excited also.

Eishiba said to Talim, "I can't wait to get to battle the next gym leader. Its going to be fun!"

Mankey screeched in excitement as well. Eishiba looked at Mankey and said, "Oh, you want to battle also?"

Mankey jumped up and down screeching again. Talim said, "Mankey always screeches when it is excited over something. Do you think it just likes to battle?"

Eishiba hadn't thought about that. Perhaps the short tempered Mankey liked to battle. Maybe it was just the instincts of a fighting type Pokemon. Eishiba looked at Mankey and realized he and Mankey shared that desire. To battle! He would have to remember to ask his dad about that if he ever got back home. He remembered how his dad always had his Machoke around as his most trusted Pokemon. After thinking of that, his thoughts went to his family. What could they be doing at this moment?

Eishiba's thoughts were interrupted as Talimn said, "Look at that thing!"

Eishiba looked in the direction Talim was pointing and saw a girl who looked to be about 13 with a big pink Pokemon with a shell on its tail. It sat on two hind legs and didn't move a muscle. Its pink face with a tan colored mouth, was held open. It almost looked liked stoned or high. Drool came from its mouth.

Eishiba looked at the girl as she said, "Slowbro, use Iron Defense!"

Slowbro remained in the same stance, not moving at all.

"Come on Slowbro!" she continued. "Try using Calm Mind!"

Again Slowbro didn't move. "Whats wrong with it?" Eishiba asked.

"It won't listen to me. It never does. It just sits there and does nothing but hold its mouth open," the girl said.

The girl was about 5'3" with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Quite pretty in fact. But how did a girl as pretty as her end up with something like this.

"Does it ever do anything?" Eishiba asked.

The girl said, "Sometimes, but that is just when it decides to lay down and go to sleep."

Talim said, "It looks...dumb?"

The girl snapped back, "Its a Slowbro, they alway act like this. They brains aren't very sharp, unless it needs to be."

"I can't imagine the pain one must go through to train something like this," Eishiba considered.

"Yes, its been a difficult road," the girl said. "You should have seen how long it took my to evolve it."

Eishiba and Talim both gave "are you serious?" looks. Eishiba then wondered what other Pokemon were more difficult to train then an angry Mankey. He wasn't sure if it was dedication it took to train this pink creature...or sheer desperation and stupidity. Eishiba told himself he would not be catching any Slowbros on his trip. His own Pokemon were difficult enough, an angry Mankey, a Buneary that never seemed to stop trying to cuddle with him, a Skorupi that seemed to try and show off during battle, and a bumbling clumsy Torchic. Squirtle was the only Pokemon that seemed normal except for its joking nature.

Then Eishiba heard the family snort of his Mankey. Mankey walked up to the Slowbro and looked up at it. Mankey was standing at about two feet tall but the Slowbro towered over it at the same height as its trainer, right at 5'3". Mankey looked up at the Slowbro and began making chimpanzee noises. It screeched as loud as it could at the Slowbro but it didn't move.

Eishiba said, "Now Mankey, don't go picking a fight or its back in your Pokeball for you."

Mankey didn't listen. It jumped up on Slowbros back and screeched as loud as it could, right in Slowbros ears. Still, Slowbro didn't move. It did, however, make a noise. To accompany its stoned look, the noise it made sounded like a stoned person. It made a deep, "uhhhhhhhhh" sound. The sound was weak and dull but enough that it made Mankey angry. It shook its small fists in the air as it scrreeched in anger. It swung its left leg into the side of Slowbros head as hard as it possibly could. A loud thud accompanied the attack. However, Slowbro was unaffected.

Eishiba said, "Mankey stop this now!"

Mankey jumped off of Slowbro, turned around, and left at Slowbro's head, ready for another Low Kick. Just before Mankey reached Slowbro's head, it stopped in mid air. Eishiba looked in confusion. Mankey was suspended a foot away from Slowbros face. It kicked and thrashed but to no avail. After a few seconds, Mankey was sent hurling backwards, right past Eishiba as it crashed into the back of a building.

Talim ran with Eishiba as they ran to his Mankey. He looked at the Mankey as its eyes were closed. That was when Eishiba realized the Slowbro was of the Psychic type. He remembered his dad saying how Psychic powers always had an advantage over Fighting types because Fighting types rely on physical strength and attacks while Psychic's don't need to be up close and personal. This is how Psychics have such an advantage over Fighting types. Certainly being thrown into a building with that kind of force was enough to knock anyone out.

Eishiba looked at his injured Mankey and said, "I told you to stop but you didn't listen."
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Potion. He rolled Mankey over and sprayed the back of Mankey, where he had been injured, with the red mist that came from the small bottle he held. After about five sprays, he put the Potionn away and called his Mankey back into its ball.

"Now I can't use you for the gym leader," Eishiba sighed.

Eishiba stood up disappointed that he couldn't use Mankey. Hopefully one of his other Pokemon would have what it took to see him through. He put the ball on his belt and turned to see Talim staring at him with a look of sorrow.

The girl walked up to Eishiba and said, "I'm really sorry, Slowbro doesn't like when anything attacks him. He gets very defensive."

Eishiba replied, "No, its my fault, I should have put Mankey back in its Pokeball before it got hurt."

The girl said, "If it makes you feel any better, the gym leader here uses Water type Pokemon. Go for electricity or perhaps some grass abilities."

Eishiba sighed again as he had neither. He would just have to win some other way. He wasn't sure what would be his best bet to use against the Water type but it wasn't anything he couldn't over come.

The girl continued, "I tried to fight the leader once, but Slowbro was beaten pretty bad. The Pokemon was just to strong."

That didn't make Eishiba feel any better. He had to fight something stronger than a Slowbro and he didn't even have his strongest Pokemon to use.

"Thanks," he said. "You have helped me consider my options now. I'm sure Mankey has learned a lesson by now."

"You mean two lessons," Talim said.

Eishiba looked at her and said, "Two lessons?"

Talim said, "Yes, one, no attacking someone for no reason, and two, not to eat cheeseburgers before a fight. What boxer or wrestler would put bad food into its body before a fight?"

Eishiba thought that was silly but possibly true. Either way, he had to get to the gym. He thanked the girl and headed back for the gym deep in thought and unsure of himself.
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