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Default Re: do you usually teach an ice move for your water type Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Ice isn't just limited to Special Attack, you know.

For example, Ice Fang with Gyrados wrecks everything.

But, yes, I do. It helps deal with pesky Grass Types and Dragons. I've learned to keep an Ice Type move on hand because of Lance's Dragonites.

It was a savior in Red/Blue/Yellow, and since Dragon Types are very common now...The lesson was one I was glad to learn.

"Oh, hello Dragonite. ICE BEAM."
"Oh, hello Rayquaza. ICE BEAM."
"Oh, hello Giratina. ICE BEAM."
"Oh, hello Zekrom. ICE BEAM."

'Nuff said. Oh, what about Reshiram/Palkia/Dialga/Kyurem? ICE BEAM. Seriously. It hits for neutral on all except Kyurem, if I recall right. So it's a good type to have.
It even hits Kyurem for neutral. Ice will always hit a Dragon for neutral or better.
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