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Default Re: What if they were real? [SU/DS]


Name:: Isabella Hawke

Age:: 19

Gender:: Female


"Oh the scarf and hair ties? Made from the softest Zangoose fur available. Don't touch them now, there more expensive then your entire life."*

Isabella doesn't look like much at all. Standing around a meek 4' 6" she is probably the cutest thing in the world. With blonde and curly pigtails and bright green eyes. Well actually, one eye is green, the other is black, and she can't see out of it. She wears a cute little ensemble of a corset top (made from only the top percentage of rattata dyed to red of course, purple just doesn't match her eyes), the fluffiest white scarf ever (made from the best Zangoose fur around.), a black skirt that comes to around her knees with a hem of black feathers (skirt made from a mixture of sneasle short fur of the main body of the skirt, and the rim is made from a mixture of murkrow and honchkrow feathers.), and the gloves, she never liked talking about where the gloves were from.*


"Can you please. Get away from me!"*

Do not let Isabella's sweet and innocent appearance fool you. She is rotten. Horribly terribly rotten. She is sarcastic and blunt, and isn't afraid to whop you one if you make fun of her. Even though she's terrible and has often been referred to as "evil" doesn't mean she has no good qualities. She follows direction the first time she is told and is fiercely loyal to those in command. She enjoys her pokemon and believes that they are truly, her only friends.*

"Home? Yeah. I guess it was nice. If rooms filled with anything you could possibly want are your kinda thing."*

Isabella was once shorter then she is now. (I know. It's hard to believe.) Isabelle was once a little girl. Sweet and charming she could get anyone to like her. She grew up in some town she once remembered the name of. In a large house with anything she could ever want. She was rich, and loved it. She grew up normally, blind in one eye since birth, she never really let it bother her. She lived in a perfect little world. Loving parents, vast wealth. Everything she ever wanted, and it all crumbled around her. Her dad, was a gambler, and had gambled away all there money in one high stakes game with some kid. Everything was gone in one night. And she hated it. She ran away. As far away as she could get from her life, with her long blonde pigtails streaming behind her.*

"Keep your mitts off the pokemon. They are mine and I'm not afraid to break your fingers."*

Rivers / Shiny Politoed / Female / Her first pokemon ever / Perish Song / Rain Dance / Hydro Pump / Earthquake / Ability Water Absorb

Asha / Volcarona / Female / Her third caught pokemon, but second in her lineup / Hurricane / Fiery Dance / Heat Wave / Fire Charge / Ability Flame body*

Solarious / Slowbro / Male / Gotten after joining Team Rocket, given to her because no one else wanted it, made to her strongest pokemon / Brick Break / Shadow Ball / Rest / Snore / Ability Own Tempo*

Void / Seadra / Male / When she got void, she didn't want him, she hated the fact that she had gotten him and wanted nothing to do with him, and he acted the same way to her, after the longest time he finally grew on her and she accepted him as part of her team /*
Octazooka / Dragon Pulse / Scald / Toxic / Ability Poison Point*

Nightingale / Noctowl / Female / Nightingale was caught by Isabella as her last pokemon, and is so far her weakest one, and for some reason, nightingale loses feathers like no tomorrow, little patches of skin poke through her feathers and she always picks at them / Fly / Zen Headbutt / Sing / Shadow Ball / Ability Insomnia*

Side:: Team Rocket

Other:: She tells no one, but the real reason she's in Team Rocket is because her family lost all it's money in one gamble that failed, so now she's working her way in the ranks to earn back the fortune.*
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