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Default Re: do you usually teach an ice move for your water type Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Swampert Guy View Post
You trainers (5TailedDemonLizard and Grassy_Aggron) miss-spelled the name Gyarados. The correct is "Gyarados", and not "Gyrados". You missed the letter "A" right after the "Y"
Pffft. I'm not a trainer, I'm a breeder and planter XD And gambler, occasionally. I hate that Pokemon's name though for the sole fact I can never spell it. Girafarig? No problem. Garbodor? Ha ha. Tyranitar? Easy. Gyarados? Hell no.

I will call it Gyrados, and you shall like it! >:( ...Stupid fish dragon, thrashing my team...

And it's always dangerous. It's almost certain that the Pokemon will have a countering move to a type they are weak against XP
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