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Default Re: Fan Character and Original character discussion

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
I'm not quite sure where this belongs, but it would probably be in fanfiction like Winter said. It has to deal with characters, which are usually used in stories or role plays (which in my opinion are interactable, unplanned stories). Plus, we already have Character Chat ;D

...I have to say, looking at Spike, that's a character that...Well, I would have problems with. No one is invulnerable XD

Also, fun fact; Mobius is the result of a mistake. Y'see, talking about the Sonic series, they said "Mobius Strip". But they didn't mean land - they meant it's that loop that...Well, take a band and twist it into a figure eight. That's a Mobius Strip XP 'Tis just a fun fact, though!

But, meh. All of my characters have original personalities, at least. My Shadow is wiser and a little kinder. But, I claimed Nazo as mine. The idea and name isn't mine - it's SEGA - but they didn't use him. I took him and turned him into the character he is now. Like every other incarnation, he was a villain at first, but it was revealed it was against his will and such.

...Also, he likes ice cream.

......Like, a lot.

..........Take away his ice cream and you will die.

What about ice cream?

Uh, nothing ya living glow stick. Nothing at all. Go brighten someone else's day with your bright Aura made of dark energy. ...It's a paradox! XD
XD Yeah. Spike is essentially a cartoon character given physical form. Plus, like I said, the invulnerability is played for laughs. A rich, invincible idiot. Run for your lives.

In any case, Mobius sounds cooler, so... yeah.


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