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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Endless Forest

Pain. That's all there was. Spilling from the gaping hole in my chest, and slowly spreading through every part of my body, my soul, my universe. There's a voice, far of, saying a series of words, words that make no sense.

"Foolish...did you's lose." But in the end, nothing but pain.

Sevv slowly sat up. He squinted in harsh sun, streaming in long fiery strands through the treetops, and into his sensitive catlike eyes. Then, he froze, and if any less color could drain from his face, it would have. Immediately, he took off running through the forest, dodging trees as he sprinted, a look of pure terror on his face. Have to escape! Can't let him find me, not again, NOT AGAIN! Have to run, have to run!

As he ran through the forest, he took a zigzag path, sometimes swerving here or there, as if seeing a phantom figure, simply continuing in a mad, animal like terror. [I CAN'T SHAKE HIM! He's everywhere I turn! What can I do if I can't escape, what can I do, WHAT CAN I DO! Calm down, calm, calm. If I can't flee, I'll have to fight, next time I see him I'll...

With a look of pure desperation on his face, a dark aura formed on his right arm and cleaved through the figure. And so a the tree fell in the silent forest. Sevv was silent for a moment, hunched over and panting, before an insane chuckling began to wrack his body. He sat there chuckling and regaining his strength for a while, before sneeringly uttering a single phrase . "Pathetic... I suppose I let the phantoms get the better of me."

He took a moment to observe his surroundings. He was in the middle of a dense old forest, one that never could exist where he came from. It was strange, unfamiliar, but not altogether unpleasant. He sat there for a few moments, then teleported to the highest branch of a nearby tree. There was forest in every direction, with no escape. After a quick teleport down, he took quick stock of his situation. Mentally, he was fractured, unable to grasp memories, and instead on able grasp ragged painful shards of them, like a random mirror. He new his name, and he new what he was, but otherwise, he had nothing but a combination of memories that made no sense. No use trying to piece them together. He stood up and began walking.

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