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Default Re: URPG Times (12/28-1/4) New Years' Edition

Roleplayer of the Week

In all honesty, this was a late article. When I did remember to write the article, I remembered back to a conversation on aim with the WhiteKnight (Mr. White). He had filled me in on his adventures with Nitro and told me how he went to the Great Lakes. None of his Pokemon could use surf. Yet, Mr. White manged to run into quite a variety of interesting Pokemon. What really bought my interest was when he mentioned that Lugia was used as an alternative to surf for his character. The beast was used to help carry Nitro across sea. The roleplayer of the week who had managed to really step outside the box is Nitro.

Nitro is a ranger and roleplayer I highly recommend. When you're in a bad situation where you need to fill 45k characters, he'll help you along the way to meet the requirement. For anyone who is just getting back into the National Park after a long time or is new, make sure you try to get Nitro. He replies in a decent amount of time and can meet at what level of roleplaying you're comfortable with (beginner, novice, etc).

Closing Comment

Happy New Years' URPG!


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