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Default Re: Fan Character and Original character discussion

Yeah, Winter, I understand that. When I created Camille, who would become Shadow (the Hedgehog's) girlfriend, I did everything I could to NOT make her fit that agenda. Why, when they first met - and for a while after that - they tried to kill each other. After that, they were edgy around each other because of it. And besides, they don't really kiss or anything - Shadow still won't say "I love you", so he's in character (the closest - "I will always be there to protect you". Yeah. That IS something he would say). And the kid they have? He was forced into the role of being an adoptive father. He only recently let Grape start calling him "Dad", and even then it's off and on. Grape doesn't want to make Shadow angry.

...Did I mention she, when angry, lights his tail on fire? XD

So I did everything I could to avoid a mary-sue character. She has conflict in her own life, and has lost a lot as well, which made her sync up with Shadow pretty well. And thankfully for him, she's ageless due to her fallen God granting that to her. Although, I'm going to change quite a few things in Dark Storm, so that might no longer apply.

For example, her ability to fuse with other characters...I need to figure things out about that :/ Although only with two other characters (Sonic and Shadow), yet those characters cannot fuse on their own. I guess I don't fuse Sonic and Shadow because that's already been done and I don't like copying XD But who knows? That might change. A fusion between Sonic and Shadow would be...Interesting, though, even though it has been done before.

EDIT: Okay, checked DA. The fusion I have in mind...I'm finding some similar ideas, but not exactly the same. HOOPLAH. So my..."Shadic", as the fusion is called, is all right. I have to finalize details, but that shouldn't take too long. As it is, "Shadic" is...Geh. I like the name Zephyr, though. Although, you're combining wind and darkness... Nimbus? Ironically, the ones I'm finding were from "Nazo Unleashed" XD No, I do not intend to use their version of Nazo. I value my version as being an anti-hero/failed hero compared to a flat out evil entity.

...He'll still kick your donkey, though.

Yes I will :)

And yes, my characters are interesting. Each has a story to tell, but alas, I don't have the ability to tell all of them!

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