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Default Re: Fan Character and Original character discussion

Kinda sounds like my play on the Mad Hatter, Cerise. She's a psychotic, dress-wearing, people-hating, hitwoman for her mob-boss brother. Who speaks French on and off. About the only people she gets along with are her brother and her maid, whom you DO NOT touch if you want to live. There are also times when she acts like she's five due to the mental trauma that initially caused her psycho-ness in the first place, but it's typically at night and only around her brother and her maid.

Wow, Grassy. XD I think I like Camille.

I just don't think I can create Mary-Sues. I'm not the kind of person that everybody loves for no reason, so why would I make a character like that? If a character is liked or hated, there's got to be a reason, and not everybody can like one person, there will always be that one dissenting voice--it's just not realistic. I have issues, and that tends to transfer to my chars, and if not, they're just a bit odd. Take Rossa for an example, she's your average girl--redhead, green eyes, little bit tall, uneventful childhood...but she's almost inseperable from her older brother until about seventeen, when she gets a boyfriend. However, she's a bit outgoing and incredibly cheerful...and so airheaded and
odd that there are times the things that come out of her mouth just do not compute. And
her boyfriend? Parker is incredibly skittish, "don't-notice-me" kind of personality, and most people generally distrust him because of his past. She drags him around sometimes, but she loves him to death anyway and spends her time talking to him about crazy ideas she has. Like that Christmas party at his house with his entire massive "family" and their coworkers. XD

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