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Default Re: Fan Character and Original character discussion

I don't recognize that song, no :/

Yes. Camille is the embodiment if who I WANT to be. Taller, accurate with aim, more patient...Yet she retains my fiery temper. She also has a dad that loves her XD Although my stepdad loves me <3

Nazo is the embodiment of my indecision and rage, I suppose. Skye is the embodiment of my pain and wisdom.

Yet despite how much Camille represents me, I think Skye does a better job. He's my favorite character too XP

Yay psycho!

{Tee hee. Being insane is a state of mind - I state that I don't mind it! Tee hee. It's so fun~ It's so fun~}
Skye: Bah. You get the fun "insanity" - I get the downright dangerous kind. Life is so unfair >.<
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