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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen
Endless Forest->Town

Does this frigging forest ever end? Sky wondered as she jogged towards the village, something she'd been doing continually for what felt like forever, and she was finally beginning to wonder if this was like one of those dreams where no matter how much you ran you never got anywhere. She got the feeling that she'd had a lot of those before. Sure, she didn't mind the scenery, but she wouldn't mind a change of it, and people around that could tell her just where the heck she was, because she had no idea. That and being seemingly alone in a dense forest really, really creeped her out and made her paranoid. She wondered whether or not the trees hid people ready to jump out and grab her, hurt her, take her--

Take me where?

She had no idea, but the thoughts caused her to feel incredibly cold and creeped her out. The baffling series of thoughts slowed her pace down, but somehow when she snapped back to reality, the village, or maybe it was a town, looked a lot closer. Sky stopped in the path and glared ahead at the now much closer town. "Really?" The sarcastic sigh escaped her lips before she stepped forward and began to walk again.

Endless Forest->Town

Running. He had made it there running all the way because his feet refused to stop moving so fast. He had to find her, make sure she was safe. He just had to, because otherwise something bad must have happened, and he couldn't bear that thought.

Even if he didn't know exactly who "she" was.

Gasping for air, Shenz nearly tripped on the cobblestones that were suddenly there, paving a plaza-like area ringed by fairly simplistic, white box houses. He cringed away from the color visibly, looking away from the houses quickly and sweeping his gaze across the plaza. He was looking for anyone, really, anyone that could tell him if they'd seen her...but then again, he couldn't remember--

That's her.

The thought wasn't a conscious one, in fact, Shenz didn't know where it came from, other than as a reaction to spotting a figure across the plaza from him who could have been defined as a gender-bender, with it's short, spiky hair, the tips dyed blue like some punk boy's, yet the figure had a distinctly feminine figure and silver glittered in "her" ears.

That's her. She's safe after all...

There was no time to think he was wrong, no time to think about a logical, less conspicuous approach, Shenz took off running around the plaza to the girl. He had to make sure she was really there, had to make sure she was as fine as she appeared. "SKY!!!" The name flew from his mouth automatically as he made it almost to her. The girl turned around to look at him the exact moment that he plowed into her with a tackle and hugged her.

Anna Atoli
Endless Forest

How long had she been walking? Anna had no idea.

Did she remember anything else? No. And that feeling that there should have been someone behind her had done nothing but intensify as whoever or whatever she was used to following her did not show up. The feeling of sadness and being crushed didn't entirely leave her, either. The forest was fairly quiet, and then--

"H-hey! Hello? Is some one there?" What was that? A voice? Anna stopped walking and glanced around, but all she could hear was silence... "I could really use some help, if you would be so kind! I'm stuck and pretty sure that I'm going to die very slowly and painfully if someone doesn't help me." There it was again, a voice, and it seemed to belong to someone in need. Anna closed her eyes and sighed, she got the feeling she didn't like people very much, but whoever this was apparently needed help. She wasn't that heartless that she would leave the speaker, but the voice was faint, she had absolutely no idea how she was going to find it. She took a few steps forward to try hearing it again, maybe see if she was getting any closer. "Please. NO no no no, no, don't keep walking! I really do not want to die here! If you can hear me and you're coming, let me know because I don't think I'm in a position to really see you if you come up..." The voice started up as she proceeded to walk forward, sounding a bit louder.

Well, that was helpful. However it also meant she actually had to speak for once. Anna sighed again before she turned towards where she thought the voice was coming from and spoke. "Hello? I can hear you, but I can't seem to see you. I'd be able to help if I could actually find you." The words probably weren't as loud as they could or should have been, but when you didn't speak often, what did you expect?

OOC: Yes, Sky made it to the town shortly before Shenz got there, it jumps on purpose. Anyone else feel free to reference the blue-faced lunatic tackle-hugging the punky girl gender-bender.

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