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Eishiba walked along silently and depressed. His Mankey had decided to attack Slowbro for whatever reason. Now with Mankey out of commission, Eishiba had to find another way to win. Talim felt sorry for her friend. She looked at him and said, "If you want, you could use my Azurill if you want."

Eishiba shook his head, "No, Ill figure something out. I don't even know what to do. Whatever Pokemon is used, its going to be stronger than Slowbro. It must be a very large Pokemon and strong enough to beat a Psychic type."

Talim sighed and said, "I know you will do well anyways. And besides, maybe you should start learning to trust in other Pokemon other than just Mankey..."

Eishiba didn't want to admit it but it was true. If he wanted to be good at training Pokemon and take on all challengers, he had to have other Pokemon he could rely on. This was his chance to give something else a try. He walked along the streets as cars passed by. He saw the gym only a block away. He ran as fast as he could to the front door.

Eishiba looked at the doors. They were glass doors. Very nice and professional, unlike Pewter City's gym that smelled like a cave. As Eishiba pulled the door open, he noticed another set of glass doors. Along with that, there was a smell of Chlorine. It reminded Eishiba of a swimming pool area. As he entered through the second set of door, he saw a giant pool. This pool took up almost the entire gym. There were stands around the pool.

Eishiba said, "I guess people can watch the battles here." He said as he walked to the edge of the pool. Then he heard a voice behind him say, "And we put on shows."

Eishiba spun around to see a female standing there. She was a few inches shorter than Eishiba. She had short red hair, green eyes, and seemed fine with wearing a black two piece bikini with a blue badge that resembled a water drop. Eishiba felt a little odd as he gave her a glance up and down. She said, "We put on shows here at the Cerulean Gym. We have swim competitions, Pokemon shows, and of course Pokemon battles. I'm Misty. Ill assume your here to battle?"

Eishiba nodded, wondering how he would concentrate on the battle while trying not to look at her. "I'm not as easy to defeat as most people are. I love Water type Pokemon. Water is just such a powerful force, yet is used to give us life. I've always loved and adored the water. I have no idea why really..." She said with a slight blush.

Eishiba said, "Well I have to see how good I am then. Do you ever get used to that Chlorine smell?"

Misty said, "Oh, you get used to that pretty quickly. Would you rather swim in dirty water?"

Eishiba shrugged saying, "You do have a point there. So when can we start?"

Misty smiled and said, "Right now if you wish. I get alot of opponents but most really don't seem to like water."

Eishiba looked at the pool and said, "So it would appear Ill have to have something that can swim since the arena is completely a pool."

She laughed a little and said, "Oh no, that wouldn't be fair. Not everyone uses or has Water types."

She walked to the right side of the pool and pressed a button on the wall. Eishiba could feel the ground vibrating as the water made massive ripples. He saw two or three panels open on the bottom of the pool, each releasing a platform which floated to the top of the water. Each platform was round, about 20 feet across. Misty walked to one end of the pool and sat on the edge of the pool and let her legs dangle in the water.

Eishiba walked to the other end and stood there. Misty called out, "We will use one Pokemon each."

Eishiba raised an eye brow. One Pokemon? Just one? Eishiba thought really hard about what he would use. Misty threw a Pokeball into the bottom of the pool. It erupted in a flash of light. The water rippled as a brown star shaped figure floated to the top. It lept out of the water and stood on one of the platforms. It stood on the five "points" it had. It had a red spot on the top, which blushed a red color and faded over and over. Eishiba could also see it had suckers like that of an octopus on the bottom of its 5 points. "Does it have a mouth?" Eishiba wondered.

Never the less, Eishiba's time was up. He had to select something. He gave one last thought and picked a ball of his belt. He threw it onto on of the platforms as it exploded into a flash of light, reveiling the new bug like creature, Skorupi. It buzzed as it looked at the star like Pokemon. Talim stood at the center of the pool on the side and said, "Alright, its a one on one fight! Go!"

Misty was quick, she called out, "Staryu, quick, start with a Tackle!"

Staryu charged fast, very fast. Much faster than Skorupi was ready for. Staryu rammed into Skorupi with the red spot on top. Skorupi was knocked to the edge of the rocky platform. It hopped up quick and turned back to Eishiba and raised its stingers into the air as if it had just won. "No Skorupi, watch your opponent! Use Poison Sting!"

Skorupi turned and looked at the star shaped Pokemon and aimed its stingers at it. It charged at Staryu as fast as it could. "Staryu, watch out! Don't let it sting you! Use Rapid Spin!"

As Skorupi charged at Staryu, the star-like creature began to spin as fast as it could, completely redirecting Skroupi to the side. "Good," Misty shouted. "Its off balance, now use Water Gun!"

Staryu raised the two tentacles closest to Skorupi and it reveiled a mouth underneath. Eishiba was a little creeped out. It had small sharp teeth in its mouth. It made a few smacking noises and let out a small stream of water. The blast caught Skorupi off guard. It crashed into the side of Skroupi, pushing to the edge of the water.

Eishiba called out, "Skorupi, hang in there! Don't fall into the water!"

Misty called out, "Now, Tackle! Jump on top of it!"

Staryu charged forward, stretching its tentacles out and pancaking itself right on top of Skorupi. The suckers on the bottom of its tentacles stuck to Skorupi's exoskeleton. Skorupi let out a loud buzz. Eishiba had to think fast, "Try to sting it with your stinger from underneath!"

Skorupi wiggled on of its stingers and nailed Staryu right underneath, causing Staryu to jump off of Skorupi. With Skorupi free, Eishiba had to think quick again before Staryu attacked again.

"Skorupi, use Bite!" Eishiba called out.

Skorupi lept at Staryu with its mouth open but once again, the Staryu used Rapid Spin, deflecting Skorupi's attack, knocking it to the side. Misty shouted, "Good job, now Water Gun again!"

"Skorupi watch out!" Eishiba shouted.

Staryu fired another Water Gun attack. Skorupi then did exactly as it had done with Talim's Azurill. It simply let the Water Gun crash into it. The blast was much stronger than Azurill's though. The water crashed into Skorupi with massive force. The force was so strong that it began pushing Skorupi to the edge.

Eishiba thought to himself, "Skorupi and its arrogance. If it had just dodged we wouldn't be worried about falling in the water." Eishiba called out as loud as he could, "Skorupi, dig your stingers into the platform! Your going to end up in the water!"

Skorupi dug both its stingers and its tail into the platform it stood on. It slowed the Water Gun down but Skorupi was still moving towards the edge. The scorpion-like Pokemon tried to hold on with everything it had. Eishiba gritted his teeth as he watched Skorupi getting closer to the edge. He doubted Skorupi could swim. Eishiba covered his eyes just as Skorupi's rear legs slipped off the platform.

Suddenly the attack stopped. Staryu was breathing heavily. It had run out of breath. It would need a moment to catch its breath if it had any hopes of using Water Gun again. Eishiba looked at Skorupi as it struggled to get its rear legs back on the platform. "Hurry, use Poison Sting!"

Skorupi charged forward, stinging Staryu on the top of its red spot. Staryu shook a moment. Misty said, "Oh no, Staryu! Jump into the water!"

Staryu slowly rolled off of the plaform into the water with a splash. Skorupi looked over the edge as Staryu swam in the water. Misty called out, "Water Gun again!"

As Skorupi looked over the edge, a blast of water shot out of the pool, crashing into Skorupi and knocking it onto its back. Skorupi began trying to turn over itself back over with its tail and stingers. Misty shouted, "Now, use Tackle! Tackle it into the water!"

Staryu came flying, literally flying out of the water. It never once touched the platform as it tackled and latched its tentacles onto Skorupi, taking them both underwater. Eishiba watched as both Pokemon fell into the pool. Eishiba cried out, "No!"

Eishiba could only make out both Pokemon at the bottom of the pool. Eishiba shook in fear. "Skorupi! Try a Poison Sting or something! yourself!"

Eishiba didn't know what to do. The seconds passed by as if they were hours. He wanted to get his Skorupi out of the pool before it drowned. Eishiba grabbed the Pokeball off of his belt and prepared to call it back. Just before he did, Staryu surfaced and seemed to float motionlessly on the top of the water. What had happened?

Misty called out, "Staryu! Your poisoned! Try and move!"

Eishiba wasn't listening. He couldn't stand it. He could see his Skorupi at the bottom of the pool flailing about. Eishiba aimed his Pokeball into the water but the red laser disrupted when it hit the water. He couldn't call it back with it in the water. Eishiba threw his Pokeball down on the ground and dove into the water. He swam as fast as he could, grabbing his Skorupi. He angled himself to swim straight up as he pushed off of the bottom of the pool.
Once Eishiba surfaced, he swam to the edge with Skorupi. He put his Skorupi on the edge as it half buzzed and half choked.

"Skorupi are you alright?" Eishiba asked.

Talim rushed over as Eishiba looked at Skorupi. It looked up at him and buzzed and raised its stingers into the air. "You show off!" Eishiba said as he hugged his Pokemon. He turned and saw Misty attending to her Staryu. She called her Staryu back into its Pokeball and walked over to Eishiba saying, "Is Skorupi alright?"

Eishiba nodded and said, "Sorry, I know I wasn't supposed to do that, but Skorupi would have drowned..."

Misty said, "I'd say it was the right thing to do, not only that but Staryu became poisoned. I guess Skorupi fought back while under water. Alot of Pokemon that can't swim begin to panic when in the water. Yours went off on its survival instincts."

Eishiba looked at Skorupi and said, "You sure put up a great battle though."

Misty said, "Yes, good enough that you were the victors."

"How?" Eishiba asked.

"Staryu surfaced while immobilized. It was incapacitated before Skorupi, even if Skorupi was underwater. Now only that, you displayed real love for your Pokemon's well being, even if it had cost you the match. Believe it or not, there are trainers who would have seen the match to the end, even if their Pokemon were to drown. For those reasons, I present you with the Cascade Badge," Misty said as she took the badge from her swim suit and handed it to Eishiba.

Eishiba smiled as he looked at it. He showed it to Skorupi and said, "Look what we got!"

Skorupi buzzed and raised its stingers into the air in victory. "Yep, we won, you show off!" Eishiba exclaimed as he stood up and shivered from being all wet.

Misty said, "That was a well fought battle. Your Skorupi is an amazingly tough Pokemon. It just didn't seem to give up, no matter how many times it got hit. I have been inspired by our battle to do better. Its nice to see that there is more work for me to do, new heights and challenges to reach."

Eishiba said, "I have reached one today. That was the best battle I have had so far. Maybe we can have a rematch sometime."

Misty said, "I'd love that. If you plan on going to the Pokemon League, you will definatly see me in it."

"You mean gym leaders can enter the Pokemon League?" Eishiba asked.

Misty said, "Of course, did you think we were restricted to only being gym leaders? We are more than welcome at the Pokemon League. Actually last year, I did fine...until I faced Lt. Surge and his Raichu. That thing is incredible."

Eishiba sighed as he remembered his first battle with Lt. Surge and said, "Yeah, I live in Vermillion and I attempted to face him but I failed. So I am working on getting stronger first."

Misty smiled and said, "Then its settled. Ill see you at the Pokemon League! You better be ready cause I'm going to be alot stronger!"

"You bet," Eishiba said.

The two trainers shook hands. Misty gave a wink as Eishiba smiled at her. He carried his Skorupi in his arms as he left the gym with Talim. Eishiba said to her, "Lets go to the Pokemon Center. Some dry clothes sounds good and I'm sure Skorupi would like a rest."
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