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Question Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! (Interest check/ SU)

The pokemon world is a wonderous place but it is also filled with many dangers. One specific threat that tends to be especially bothersome is that of zombie outbreak. These large scale appearances of the undead disrupt hundreds of lives and take a heavy toll on local economies. A question that some might wonder about though, is what happens to the zombies after the end of a rampage? They cannot be killed because they are already dead! Scientists struggle to invent a cure but so far have met with little to no success. Recognizing a golden oppurtuinity, the mayor of Lavender town Mr. Bagil builds a place for the raggedy creatures to live, he opens a zombie zoo.

At first there are rumors of foul play or that the mayor had been bribed into making the questionable decision. But the rapid flow of cold hard cash quickly silences all critics of the project. Within a week, Lavender town had gone from a quiet and nearly deserted gathering of buildings to the most popular hot spot in the Kanto region! As a tourist destination the town set world records and raked in outrageous profits. In an effort to make even more money, Lavender began offering a dead body disposal service to overcrowded graveyards which also provided a cheap way to keep the zombies fed. The gamble had paid off, the zoo was a complete success and mayor Bagil was seen as a hero. With such an amazing victory having been achieved, what could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, apparently.

During the most recent zoo opening, safety measures and equipment suddenly fail spectacularly for unknown reasons. Zombie cages that were assumed to be made of metal are revealed to be composed of nothing more than painted wood and even cardboard! Zoo employees scramble to contain the escaping zombie population but with everything going wrong, their efforts soon devolve into a struggle for survival! Alarmed guests panic and run for the exits as others throw out their pokemon to buy time for the fleeing patrons! It is as if the fantasy dream land of Lavander town had morphed into a nightmarish heck hole of epic proportions! The police are on the way but does anyone really stand a chance against the flesh hungry hordes?! Is there any hope that a cure can be completed before the entire region is overrun?!! Do not ask me, I am just a news reporter!


As long as it has some connection to the zombies in Lavender town, you are pretty much free to do as you like plot wise.
Players can be anyone in or around Lavender town or elsewhere in Kanto. (except for mayor Bagil)
There are many different kinds of zombie present, including humanoid and pokemon

A character is only really in danger if they are bitten by one of the undead, as they would then be treated as dead themselves (a zombie!) until a cure is found. (if a cure is found)
Nothing overly gorey when it comes to violence.
Try to think more along the lines of a cartoon in terms of blood.

This is not an entirely serious roleplay but characters are not allowed to be invincible either.
Put your persons name and location somewhere at the top of each post
No bunnying without permission
No sex scenes
Non player characters can be temporarily controlled by anyone.
Post lengths should be at least 1-2 paragraphs but can be longer
You may play as a pokemon with no trainer (but that also means no pokeballs)

How to Sign up:

Personality: (at least 1 paragraph)
Appearance: (at least 1 paragraph, optional if RP'ing as a pokemon)
History: (at least 1 paragraph)
Other: (any extra details that you might want to mention, optional)

Pokemon without a trainer can remember and use up to 6 moves
Players can have anywhere from 1 to 6 pokemon to start. (but no legendaries and no ghost types) For each one please include:
Name: (nickname optional)
4 moves: (6 if a pokemon)

Lacher (Treecko) - Graceful Suicune
Topaz (Trainer) - Pikachew
Munchlax - Quaza529
Ralek (Absol) and Alyssa Ellis (Trainer) - 5TailedDemonlizard
Marleena Feyr (Trainer) - Wile E Coyote
Cobalt Bash (Trainer) - Dark Umbreon

The rpg thread is here:

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