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Battle Style: Single Battle, 2 Pokemon
DQ Time: 4 Days
Damage Cap: 100
Restrictions: NO OHKO moves, 3 Chills, No Perish Song/Destiny Bond
Arena: Starlit Ruins
The Starlit Ruins is a mysterious floating rock, rectangular in shape, 80 meters long by 40 meters wide, situated at the point over the North Pole, where sky meats space. Oxygen is oddly plentiful, considering the massive height, so no worries about breathing. The Starlight Ruins has enough ground within it to use moves like Earthquake and Dig, so no worries there either. Stars never fail to grace the battleground's nighttime setting, and the runes that coat the island make for multicolored, ever-changing lights on the ground. Auroras are also present. Below is Earth, in all it's glory, and one big fall-Gravity still exists here. Pillars are lined up around the edges, but smaller Pokemon can get around them easily. All the priceless relics are gone here, but the setting makes for epic battles. There aren't any real odd effects to this stadium, except one: occasionally, the rare relics that happen to be a part of the island will bloster one Pokemon's power. There is a 5% chance for a specific Pokemon to have their Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense all increased by one, for one round only.
Ref: Open
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