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Default Re: Diamond1304 vs Tsuna

Round Nine

Temporal Diamond

[Shinryu] Dratini (F)
HP: 47%
Energy: 32%


[B] Metang (C)
HP: 77%
+2ATK +2ACC -6 SPD/Paralyzed
Agility~Ice Punch

The battlefield raged as both Pokemon were ready to go. Metang didn't even have a Vanillites chance in hell at going first. Shinryu smiled as it moved first. It wanted to make its opponent see things. Make it hallucinate! Lets make it demented! Shinryu looked at the slow Metang. She stuck her tongue out at Metang. With that, it caused Metang to strengthen a little. The sight of her sticking her tongue out made it a little mad. To make matters even worse for Metang, it now couldn't understand why she stuck her tongue out. It was so confused! (Shinryu -5 energy) (Metang Confused)

Metang was really slow at the moment. It was slower than a snail with a sore foot! It tried to focus. What attack was it to use? Oh yeah, get faster! It began to move its sluggish feet and began to run around in circles. Of course, it took it a full year to run around in a few circles. This did, however, loosen it up, and make it faster. (Metang -3 energy)

Metang also began to feel the paralysis wear off. Now it was fast. Really fast! So fast it could run faster than both Shinryu and that snail with the sore foot! It also stood a far greater chance than a Vanillite's chance in hell. It started thinking cold thoughts, careful to not attack itself. Its fist turned blue and ice cold as it moved forward, giving Shinryu a face full of icey steel. Shinryu took a major hit. Maybe the Swagger wasn't a great move to use after all. (Metang -27 energy) (Shinryu 20 HP)

Shinryu would have none of this. It wanted decided the best thing to do was to take a quick rest. It laid back on its back and looked up at the sky. It saw clouds going by. Its saw candy drops, big giant Dragonites, and Metangs floating in the water! Shinryu tried to imagine itself winning, winning this difficult battle. It sat up and got back into position, ready to finish the battle. (Shinryu +6 HP/energy)

Temporal Diamond

[Shinryu] Dratini (F)
HP: 33%
Conditon: I can still do this!


[B] Metang (C)
+4ATK +2ACC +2SPD Confused
Condition: I'm getting tired. I think I need a ciggy!
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