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Default Re: [SU/DS] SONIC: A Rift in Time

Is this still open for joining? If so then:

Name: Night

Age: ~20

Era: Modern

Species: PantherCat [part panther part regular cat]

Appearance: Normally Night wears a black tube top with one think and one think white stripe running down the right side. She wears blue jeans with flared bottoms. Her tennish shoes are almost modern hightops. They are red and have the classic sneaker style with white toes and a white dot near her ankle. She wears brown gloves that flare at the top. Night's fur is a dark shade of almost black. Her skin is tan and her hair is a light shade of red that is more like orange. Here eyes are a dark shade of green.

Personality: Night is typically mellow and easygoing. It takes a considerable amount of annoyance to make her mad, but when she is angry her temper explodes. She is very sensitive to the feelings of others and will on occasion try to make them feel better if necessary. She knows in her heart what is right, but will only take that path if she needs to. She is gentle, but offers no amount of hesitation when it comes to inuring (or possibly killing if needed or accidental) people. She is a rocker who loves classic and hard rock, with the occasional bit of metal thrown in, and owns and frequently plays an electric guitar.

History: Night is a disowned princess thrown out because of her refusal to be fragile and lady-like. At one point in her childhood, she lost her temper and accidentaly slaughtered her best friend. Since then she learned from cyber-theives and experience how to hack into computers. She managed well out on her own, and still had a little money left before her first high paying job. She now steals files from computers (usually from rival companies) for money. She used to live in a large tree-house in the jungle, but recently moved to the city to make work easier. She still visits her other home and her friends who live in a small town to the north of it.


Computer Hacker-Can hack into any working computer system and mess with it in whatever way she feels like doing.

Sharp Claws-Night has ten razor sharp claws that are enhanced by nano-chips in her gloves

Elemental-Can minorly control the elements. She practices using her power, but can't always control it well.

Other: She sees peoples feelings in the form of auras and uses her tail as an extra weapon in combat.
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