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Default Re: The URPG Times HQ & Recruitment Office

Ok, I am pleased to announce a new role for the URPG Times, and that is Quiz Master.

Quiz Master

The role is quiet simple, you are in charge of the URPG Times Quiz that comes out every month. You will create up about 20 questions, based on Pokemon and URPG, and submit them to one of the Chief Editor(s). Make sure you include a range of questions that are hard and somewhat easy. If you want a preview of previous URPG Quiz, look here and here.

Please remember when applying for the role of Quiz Master, you will not be able to give any hints, or take part in the Quiz. If I catch you supplying hints or giving people answers, you will be removed from the position of Quiz Master.

If there are a lot of people interested in the job, I will make it a temporary role, and once you have created a Quiz, I will let someone else take over.

That is all, enjoy.

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