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Default Re: DEADLIEST FANFIC WARRIOR! (Promo and Discussion Thread)

Maybe Lus, but imagine going that fast into a buzz saw, which Sonic can and is, essentially. That will hurt like...Like...Yeesh. Don't get me started. There is no question Flash is faster than Sonic (something that would probably drive the blue blur mad), but Sonic has more abilities than Flash at his disposal.

Flash has died, huh? Sonic hasn't. Not counting '06, which wrote itself out of continuity AND was a terrible death anyhow. Cheap...

So, honestly, I would say it's an even match. It'd come down to who can last longer.

...*Imagines Flash playing soccer with Sonic as the ball* ...Something tells me Sonic would find it a riot to be the soccer ball. Always struck me as the type...Lol. "Look! I'm on a roll!"

And everyone will groan.

@ redlark - Sonic doesn't have claws, unless you count his werehog form. He does have fangs, but they are nothing compared to Shadow XD He's Mr. FluffyFang. ...Now excuse me while I try to avoid being killed by said hedgehog. *Runs off*

And yes - Samus will win against Boba. More artillery, a better suit, faced off against...THINGS...And also, if all else fails, the feminine charm :D

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