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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Endless Forest -> Village

Sevv was perturbed. This forest was rather dull, and it gave him the nagging feeling that he was out of place. The trees were all tall, the wildlife peaceful, and the forest green, yet he felt a forest of this size should have dangers of one kind or another. Plus, he could use a fight right now, he wanted to test out his combat skills, see what he could remember. But the forest remained peaceful. But, since no enemy presented themselves, Sevv suddenly went into a frenzy, arm blades glowing pink and black ask he attacked the trees in a frenzy. After he turned to survey the new clearing in the forest, filled with felled trees, he sighed a sigh of contentment. Chaos was enjoyable.

However, wanton destruction wasn't going to get him out of the forest, so Sevv continued on. Finally, a speck of red appeared in the distance, out of places with the green forest. Sevv's pace quickened as he made a beeline for the out of place color. Eventually, he could make out a small village through the trees. A frown crossed his face. Looks like I'm going to have to deal with peasants. Let's at least hope they're amusing.

Sevv entered the village slowly, using his cloak to conceal himself. He moved through the village as quietly as possible, trying to blend into the background, and not be noticed by the locals. But that's what was odd about the village. There was not a soul around, no children running through the streets or adults going about their buisness. Just silence. And then, as he walks into the central courtyard of the village, he hears the sound of voicese. Scattered around are a few other beings, but his eyes catch the glint of metal, and a violent gleam appears in his eye. There were weapons drawn. Or rather, there was a weapon drawn. A boy holding a knife seemed to be pointing it at strange morph, and that morph was in turn pointing it's knife like arms at yet another morph. How fun!

Sevv walks quickly and quietly behind the boy with the knife, keeping careful to keep his cloak around himself so as to not have his features seen. Getting as close as possible, Sevv suddenly lets out an insane (Use it as a descriptive word, not literally) chuckle. Then, he spoke in his normal, soft monotone. " Do you really intend fight her off with that little knife? You don't stand a chance, no matter how skilled or unskilled she may be. I suppose I could get some amusement out of your blood being spilled, but people are no fun to talk to when they're dead."

With that, Sevv let's out another little insane chuckle and then steps back, ready to see the scene unfold.
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