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Question Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP] (Finished)

(OOC: Ok folks, a couple of things before the rp begins. The plot line is pretty much free style and players can jump in at anytime. The Sign up is here:

Within the rp, include your name and location at the top of posts and keep in mind that normal entries do not need to be as long as this opening one. Also try and remember that non player character deaths, violence, etc, is framed in a style like that in a cartoon, or fighting video game. For a first post you may want to have your character traveling to Lavender town, or even already inside the town if you are feeling courageous)

A zombie themed zoo sounded like such a good idea on paper, but now things had gone so horribly wrong! Mobs of the undead are beaten down repeatedly but spring back to life within minutes! By the time that one group is defeated, another is ready to take its place! In some areas the battles are like never ending games of whack a mole and the defending pokemon trainers will not be able to hold out forever!

The safety mishaps are especially puzzling considering all of the new and expensive renovations that had been completed in Lavender town. If the mayors plan had included cutting corners and buying inferior equipment then why bother with new construction at all? Could anyone really be so money hungry that they would jeopordize the safety of everyone around?!!

Lavender towns surrondings currently resemble an amusement park much more than a residential living space. The most notable landmarks are the Kanto radio tower and a large cemetary, but no one is sight seeing anymore. Thankfully, the zombie breakout is occuring during the daytime but with so many cages, boothes and other structures in town, the situation has become something of a deadly game of hide and seek!

With every passing moment, additional zombies escape from their cages! Is this disaster the end result of sloppy management or maybe only an extreme case of bad luck? Could it even be possible that there is some more sinister presence at work?! With zoo goers scattering in all directions and the mayor nowhere to be found, those that have managed to keep their cool so far must now decide what to do next. It is here that our story begins...

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