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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Random trash can
Middle of lavender town Zombie Zoo
Lavender Town once a beautiful county but now everything's ravaged due to the mass zombie outbreak happening i peeked over the side of the trashcan and managed to see a human go to the back of another trashcan and went out of sight as i was focusing on the broken cages thinking "how did they escape." Thats when i heard screaming I looked to the other trashcan where the human was hiding that didn't surprise me when 20 to 30 zombie spinarak's were jumping over the side then i heard silence.I was scared to think the human was (gulp) dead I quickly sat down when my trashcan started rumbling i looked outside to see a zombie sentret willing to rip apart the bottom of the trashcan. I quickly picked up a half eaten sub and immediately chucked it at the sentrets head it knocked out .At least I was safe.

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