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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! (Interest check/ SU)

I tried to sign up last night and my iTouch crashed just as i was about to finish my SU...HERE WE GO AGAIN.
Name: Ralek

Species: Absol

Gender: Male

Age: Five (around 17 in human years)

Moves: Razor Wind, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Headbutt, Faint Attack, Hone Claws

Personality: Cold and introverted, Ralek rarely speaks to others. He has a dislike of humans, who believe him to be a bringer of bad luck and disasters. He thinks they are stupid for not believing him or the other warnings that other pokemon gave for this impending disaster. He is proud of his power, but isn't cocky, instead sometimes overestimating his opponents. Those that can crack his hard outer shell can sometimes get him open up and become more friendly.

Appearance: Ralek looks like the normal, everyday Absol. However, the dirt and grime of the world has stained his coat a few shades darker than the normal glossy white. His eyes are a striking, icy blue and are often very cold and show little emotion. His head blade has various nitches and scratches from the various battles that he has been in. His tail is slightly longer than the normal Absol's. He stands about 4' at the shoulders and his fairly lanky, giving him a sick and underfed appearance despite the fact that he eats pretty well. He wears a tattered black bandanna around his neck.

History: Ralek grew up with his fairly large family in Hoenn, learning to hunt and fight from his father and mother, along with his siblings. When his mother was captured by a human, Ralek departed from his once safe forest home and traveled with one of his sisters. While in a town, a little girl treated him like a puppy, giving him some love and his black bandanna. However, he ran away when the girl's brother attempted to capture him. He hasn't seen the girl since. He traveled to Lavender town because of the internal pull that signaled impending doom and disaster. He has been living around the zombie zoo for a long time now.

Other: Not much...That bandanna has been through a lot, lol.

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