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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender town, North gates

"What the hell?!" An eyeball - less human zombie shatters the booth glass as it tries to claw at Topaz! Broken pieces scatter on the ground as Topaz jumps backwards but seconds later, a rolling and squishy projectile bumps him in the leg and almost bowls him over! However his physical training kicks in and he changes the fall into a graceful roll, which ends inside of the zoo gate. Topaz recognizes the voice of a Munchlax nearby but since he cannot understand poke speak, only hears the word "Munchlax" being repeated over and over again!

There is no time to bring out his own pokemon to help translate because a zombie Timburr begins hurling trash cans in the direction of the exit! Its aim does not seem to be very good but the racket that it is causing is certain to attract even more undead creepy crawlies! Badly needing to get out of the open, Topaz runs deeper into the zoo, past a grass pokemon and an Absol and into a labyrinth of food stalls and shops where he should be safe for a while. If zombies really are getting loose in the town then things were about to get seriously ugly...
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