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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender Town, North Gates

As the human ran past them, Ralek's eyes followed him before he disappeared into the maze of shops and stalls. He obviously hadn't expected to see what he had today. He was just like everyone else that showed up here. One glance at the horrors that resided here and they tried to run for their lives. The ones that did were still inside Lavender Town, though not necessarily alive.

Turning to the pokemon that had been in danger, Ralek regarded the Munchlax with a stoic expression. How had a Pokemon allowed himself to get so caught up in this type of place? He had probably been looking for food or something like that...considering he was a gluttonous Pokemon by nature.

"That was close..." The Absol said, sitting on his haunches as he looked around despite speaking to the Munchlax "One open scratch and you would have ended up like one of them..."

Ralek could smell the Treecko who had attacked the Heracross not too far off. Though he was quite an antisocial Pokemon, he was quite impressed that the small gecko had made the decision to save the Munchlax.

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