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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

OOC: No worries. ^^ Remember that punctuation would go pretty much wherever you stop to draw a breath in a sentence if you were reading it aloud. ^^

But I don't think you should move 5TailedDemonLizard's character around like that or predict his speech. O:

Lavender Town, just outside the zoo

His breathing slowed to a shallow consistency, and he slumped against the wooden wall, scrolling through the moves he had just executed. It was fair to say that he had reacted rashly, but he believed it was the correct thing to do. Was he supposed to have allowed the mutated heracross another disciple? Judging by the stench that disturbed his nostrils, there were already enough of them, and even one extra could cause a considerable disturbance.

Glancing over both shoulders, he stood and turned, nose to the boards, and scaled the wall with practiced swift movements. He reached the top, slinking from the sunlight to avoid immediate detection. From the height he observed the pokemon below him, the munchlax he had saved thanking a stray absol who had come into the picture shortly after Lacher had fled. The dark type had done as he had hoped; the heracross was no more, and no longer was he burdened with the responsibility of guarding the munchlax. That was, however, until a shrill cry bathed the air with alarm and an arrangement of brown feathers absorbed the treecko's view as he turned to stare.

The fearow neared with surprising speed, its elongated and obviously dangerous beak pointed with an intention to strike. Lacher's immediate reaction was to dart out the way, but unfortunately slipped on the edge of the roofing in the process and tumbled down the opposite side to where he climbed up, his fingers skimming the wall before his hands and feet met the ground with a fwp.

Startled, he jumped to his feet and experienced a tinge of regret as some nearby pokemon obviously noticed. After a moment of steadying himself and observing the pokemon in front of him, he flashed a gaze of wary rivalry at the light grey absol before a second shriek tore through the town. His attention was captured and he instinctively lowered his neck, crouching his body with a leg outstretched as his opponent wheeled around and, eyes dull and body drooping, swooped with Lacher as the target.

Lacher locked his jaws together and bounded forward, hoping to draw the flying type away from the surrounding pokemon, or to simply escape--he wasn't sure which. But as the speedy bird pokemon swooped again, presumably with increased speed from a quick attack, the treecko was caught of guard and rolled across the dirt. The fearow's beak had struck his back, and he had felt the course sting as the hit took hold, and as he lay on the ground, he groaned in response.

Rolling onto his back and supporting himself with arms bent at the elbow, he tilted his head and fired another string of dried grass spheres, hardly intending to injure his opponent but aiming only to agitate it. He knew it wasn't the smartest of ideas, but there wasn't much else he could do.

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