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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen and Shenz
Forest Town

“Plllease tell me that you’re not locals,” both heads turned from where their attention had been focused on the other to look at the odd pokemon that had just spoken to them.

"It's nice to see you again too, Shenz," Sky whispered, though she wasn't exactly sure why she knew the odd boy's name or him to be totally honest, but she felt as though she both knew and could trust him. "However, there seems to be a fair bit of commotion going on. We should probably figure out who is and isn't going to potentially try to kill us," the failed Gardevoir pokemorph said before shouting back to the odd blue pokemon (why she assumed it was a pokemon, she had no idea) "Nah, we're not the locals, and apparently neither are you."

Shenz sighed and let the girl go so they could both stand from where he had knocked Sky to the ground with his tackle. Looking around, Sky noted that most of the group assembled appeared to be only partly human, more like Shenz and herself. It was then that she also noticed that there seemed to be several somewhat hostile beings among their group. "Hey, you guys start trying to tear each other to pieces and I'll break up the fight myself, I could use the action. And if you just happen to be thinking that there's no way I could do it, please go ahead, I'll prove you wrong." She growled towards the congregated group of nutjobs threatening to cut each other open and/or placing bets or whatever they were doing, but it would surely create a headache if it kept up much longer.

Shenz shook his head at the girl, yet he said nothing, considering the fact Sky actually wanted to break up fighting or once.

However, a very loud, unpleasant sound from above turned their attention from the fighting to the silver-haired woman standing on the roof, who began to speak about their situation and what might have been a bit about why they were there. Finally she took a sword from her side (how many swords did this lady need, Sky wondered briefly, considering that was now two) and cut two portals in the air and gave them a choice. Shenz chuckled at the line about killing whoever went through the black portal the moment she saw them again. "She's got a sense of humor like you, it seems," he told Sky, who snorted in response.

"The sad thing is, I think she's rather serious, Shenz."

"Exactly. She's got one of those twisted sense of humor like you," the Luxray morph responded.

"Yeah, yeah, okay," Sky sighed before looking over the portals once again. "Well, it's not like she really gave us much of a choice if we wanna live, even if I wouldn't mind the challenge. Shiny portal it is." Sky had just barely gotten the words out of her mouth when the woman tossed something into the group which flashed when it hit the ground. Sky cringed away from the light, just barely hearing Sara's remark that it would restore memories as images and words flashed through her mind.

She stood in the back corner of her cell, listening to the commotion from down the hall and approaching footsteps. Those footsteps stopped at her cell door, where an oddly blue tinted face framed by wild black hair and almost glowing yellow eyes gazed in at her. "You" the boy that would become Shenz said sadly--

She was sitting next to a solemn-faced teenaged girl who laughed as she coughed from the carbonation of the first soda she had had in years, in spite of all the sadness on her face because she was finally talking about--

“Hello? Do you talk?” Beautiful. Like the piano--

"They’re all kids! I was six!” She finally yells, bringing both to a total stop--

She didn't think she was strong, why did everyone else think so?

The soft, piano-tone laugh and the flash of silver hair--

Sky blinked, shaking her head in attempt to clear the flash of memories away. "Sky?"

She turned her head and smiled at Shenz. "Like I said, shiny portal it is, since she didn't really give us much of a choice," she said before walking over the building the portals were located atop of and made the jump with ease while Shenz scrambled after her. Sky entered the portal without a backward glance, and Shenz tailed her worriedly.

Anna Atoli
Forest Town

Within the space of a blink, Anna suddenly found herself standing in a village, surrounded by strange people rather than in the forest, where she had been searching for the source of the voice. She hoped that maybe it was possible that the source of the voice had ended up there with her as well, but with all the other strange beings here, she had no idea who the voice might have belonged to. Then again, maybe it had been her imagination.

Of course, that was when a small and rather odd-feeling pair of hands grabbed her by her upper arms from behind and spun her around awkwardly in a circle, snorting as it did. Something in the back of her mind clicked at this, and the image of a great red, tan, and black creature watching her silently wherever she went. "...Hook...?" She asked softly, turning around to face the Krookodile before a loud and rather annoying sound brought their attention forward, to the silver-haired woman and her speech. Anna listened quietly and attentively as the woman explained their situation and gave them the option of going through a portal to the "good guys" or going through a portal that lead straight to the "bad guys." Then there was the matter of the device flung by the silver-haired woman into the crowd of those assembled that she claimed brought back memories if any had been lost. She stiffened as she was suddenly struck with the urge to move her feet in oddly graceful steps and patterns that she only half remembered. It brought to mind the memory of staring quietly up and the both tall and overly thin woman her parents had hired to teach her to dance for the parties that they threw.

Parties that she hated.

The Krookodile leaned down beside his trainer's face and blew a small puff of hot, dry air at the side, of her face, visibly startling the girl before she shook her head and reached up to rub the pokemon's snout. "C'mon, Hook. Let's go." She had no desire for the return of her missing memories, but she didn't want to die, either. As quietly and gracefully as possible, Anna and Hook moved together towards the bright portal that another pair was entering already as well. Her mind was made up, there would be no changing it now.

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