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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

(OOC: Quaza529, like GS said be careful not to go overboard with predicting other players actions, in a rp like this you can never be too sure of what might happen from moment to moment. Controlling characters is mostly for people that you make up, like bystandards and such. Try to focus more on developing Munchlax and his story.)

Lavender town, central food court

Sounds of battle are coming from all directions but thankfully Topaz is safely hidden in between a large cotton candy shop and corn dog stand. As Topaz quickly glances back toward the north gate through a long row of similar looking kiosks, he spots another pokemon trainer working with a Dewott to fight off a zombie Nidoking. There was no need for him to reveal himself, as the water type should have no problems dispatching the zombie and they even seemed to have help from that Munchlax from before.

Topaz quietly chuckles to himself at the coincedence of seeing another Unova starter that was not his own. He needed to keep moving though, this place was getting more dangerous by the minute! Cautiously, he crouch - walks past more shops, the many structures limit Topaz's field of vision but they also had the benefit of almost completely hiding his movements..
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