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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender Town North Gates

Ralek turned his head to look over his shoulder at the sound of a quite agitated cry from what could only be a bird pokemon. The Treecko had darted off in the direction it came from, and Ralek could only assume that it was either about to be made into bird food or managed to get away (much to the dismay of its predator).

However, Ralek believed that the former was most likely true. A grass-type didn't stand much of a change against the sharp talons, beak, and cutting wind that a flying-type could dish out. Though he had never bothered with other pokemon before, this Treecko HAD risked its life to save this poor Munchlax, and since said pokemon was helping out another trainer with a fairly large Nidoking, Ralek couldn't just stand around and let the green gecko get eaten.

He began running in the direction of the Treecko, rounding the building it had climbed. It only took him a second to see the undead Fearow turning on the grass pokemon. However, it was the other Pokemon that had Ralek worried. Lengthening his stride, Ralek allowed the shadows around him to pull towards his fur, coating him in darkness and making him almost invisible again. Lowering his head, he charged into a nearby Pidgeotto, who hadn't had the brains (or probably the energy), to get off the ground.

The bird pokemon let out a dead cry of pain, skidding along the ground and causing several of the pokemon to turn their attention to Ralek instead of the Treecko, letting the gecko and Fearow deal with each other.

"Come on then..." Ralek said with a smirk, his claws shimmering as the dark energy moved around them. He felt power course through his body as the energy faded, his claws slightly sharper than usual. A soft chuckle escaped the Absol's throat as his tail swished back and forth, itching for a fight.

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