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Default Platinum Team Building Help!

I'm playing an all-female Platinum run-through, and I've run into a snag with my team.

Here are my current team members (I'm too lazy to look up natures - also, ignore their suckass movesets that I've been too lazy to fix up):

Liza the Infernape, Lv. 36
Ability: Blaze
-Close Combat
-Flame Wheel
-Mach Punch

Gemma the Staraptor, Lv. 35
Ability: Intimidate
-Aerial Ace
-Close Combat

Ivy the Roselia, Lv. 35
Ability: Natural Cure
-Magical Leaf
-Giga Drain
-Toxic Spikes

Nala the Luxray, Lv. 35
Ability: Rivalry (not the best, I know, but I don't really care)
-Thunder Fang
-Tackle (lolz)

Jess the Gastrodon, Lv. 35
Ability: Storm Drain
-Water Pulse
-Mud Bomb
-Hidden Power (Ghost)
-Body Slam

Shailene the Scizor, Lv. 35
Ability: Technician
-Bug Bite
-Metal Claw
-False Swipe
-Wing Attack

So, here's the problem.
I'm hoping to put Brick Break on Scizor instead of False Swipe eventually, which means that she will have the same type coverage as Staraptor and then some. Plus, since Wing Attack gets a 1.5x bonus from Technician, it essentially has the same base power as Staraptor's STAB Aerial Ace. Therefore, Shailene has made almost made Gemma obsolete as a team member.

Basically, should I keep Staraptor around and make some moveset changes, or should I replace my Staraptor? And if I should take her out of the lineup, who should I replace her with? Any and all help is appreciated!
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