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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Marleena Feyr
Route 8 - En Route to Lavender Town

The radio in her helmet buzzed, a quick notification of an incoming message. She had her face mask down because of the wind, temporarily putting it up and shielding her eyes in order to pull the microphone part of the headset, the quickly pulling the mask back down over her eyes. Flying with Ace was great, but it could be a pain as well. The Fearow's impressive wingspan was great for the powerful wingbeats that even let the large bird pokémon fly quckly with a human load, even with the relatively heavy combat armor that Marleena always had to carry. She pressed the transmission button on the side of her helmet, eliciting a small peep from the headset. "Stupid headset..." She waited for the static to settle, and then heard the command line come over the radio.

"THIS IS COM-LINK HQ, COME IN AGENT FEYR", the metallic voice of her boss cascaded over the headset. Idiot is probably chewing on the microphone again... She pressed the transmission button, angrily replying, "Darn it sir, take the microphone out of your mouth. Agent Feyr reporting in..." The boss generally was a nice guy, but all the technology got to him so easily. "SO-rry Feyr, you know I hate talking on something that's not a telephone... Anyways, status update to your objective?" "I'm en route, almost there, flying over Route 8 right now. Can I get an mission objective update?" "Yes you may. Primary objective: Gain some recon on the zombie situation, either confirm or deny reports of zombies, and then report back for more advice." "Yes sir, right away sir."

The radio clicked off, and so did her patience for her boss. She was just ready to fly back to HQ and take on a serious mission. The zombies were most likely just some stupid prank, oor a media blitz on some stupid virus. This was a waste of her time, and she couldn't wait for the ride to be over. In the distance, she could already see the steadily growing Lavender Tower, a spike of stone set up against the blue Kanto Sky. The rushing wind was merely a whisper through the plastic shell of the riot helmet. Ace was flying powerfully. Her wings bent the air to her will, turning the unrelenting force of nature into a tender push of wind from the white tips of her feathers. All with the deadly grace that the Fearow properly deserved. The graceful flying goddess.

We now interrupt your unusually poetic thoughts for this short message. You're landing, whether you want to or not. It would be smart to redirect your brain to the matter at hand.

The wind pushed past her face as Ace took a dive which would have scared most seasoned pilots. Eight feet above the ground, the massive wings of the bird flared out, forcing the air to billow against the ground. A sudden stop to be sure, and a foolish one at that. She dismounted, patting the Fearow's neck. "Ace, if you don't stop doing that every time we try to land, your wings are going to break off one day." She patted the massive bird again before returning her to her respective pokeball. She walked up to the hill which had been marked as her primary stakeout. She could see most of the town beneath her. It sure was deserted, as any crisis situation would demand. Except for what was easily the droning of the spirits of deceased pokemon in the tower, the city seemed normal, albeit empty. She started walking down the hill, knowing she had to make a full inspection anyways. On her way down, she activated the pokeball for her Blastoise, Tank. Her oldest and most trusted pokemon. He quickly stood up to his full height, aiming his cannons around in case of danger. She chuckled, "Relax big guy. Just a routine patrol inspection. Keep the guns sharp just in case, but I doubt we're going to run into anything."

With that, the strong Blastoise and the officer descended into the ghost town.

Step one.

Objective complete.
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