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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender Town

Ralek's eyes scanned the sky as another massive shadow passed by the sun out of the corner of his eye. Was it another zombie Fearow or Pidgeot...? Things would get bad if there were even more of them around...Ralek's body was already sore and throbbing from the various Pokemon he had beat down. Letting out a sigh, he closed his eyes as he rested in the shadow, letting his mind drift blank for a moment. Taking several more deep breaths, he drifted away from reality for a moment in an attempt to revitalize himself. A shiver of energy ran through his body and he blinked, feeling slightly better.

A smiled appeared on the Absol's face for a moment. He always loved his ability to calm himself down and regain a little bit of energy. Slinking away from the open area, he returned to the maze of shops and stalls. That Treecko and Fearow had disappeared, probably into the forest. The gecko would be fine in there...or so he hoped. A new smell had infiltrated his senses, and he wanted to make sure it wasn't anything he had to fight.

His feet padded silently across the ground as he hid himself in the shadows, glancing around corners. The large blue pokemon he saw made his stomach clench. He tensed his body, ready to run if the beast turned the two huge guns on its shoulders towards him. He could just barely make out the trainer walking next to the Blastoise.

"Oh Arceus, let them be friendly..."

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