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Theresa Maverick
WAE Tuner
Ambiguous WAE Base
ARPers: Sabi (Adrian) and Winter_Cherry (Ryza)

Theresa practically jumped out of her skin as Adrian's monotonous voice hit her ears. Then she shook her head; she needed to calm down. She rose slowly, then opened the door with a light touch. In the room were a single WAE scientist, the demon-child, and Acursio himself. Not quite daring to look directly at Acursio's eyes, Teri stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. In a voice as calm and patient as she could muster, Theresa said, "Pardon me if I'm intruding, Mr. Acursio, but I have recently been contacted by my partner, a Mr. Drauvant Domini. He supposedly has received information from his Sona, that a planned raid on Umecite was repelled by a small group of free Sonas. One of these apparently matched the description of..." she trailed off, glancing at the little girl and wondering whether it was good to talk about such things in front of one so unstable. "One of the Sonas apparently matched descriptions of a certain escaped Sona."

Daniel Redrock
Deviant Graphix
San Fransisco
ARPers: Winter_Cherry (Al, Shiba, and Argeno).

Argeno's inquiry, as to whether Daniel had any other questions, caught Daniel rather off guard. Daniel looked out the window and thought about it for a moment, but there was nothing he needed to know that he didn't know already, except...

"What do you mean by Rose?" he asked. "Do you mean the little red flowers with the thorns, or someone named 'Rose', or is it some Deviant gang you guys are in...?"

Simon Pruitt
Deviant Enginez
Highway 5, USA
ARPers: Sabi (Amiel) (probably Araizaa (Salem)?).

Simon started in surprise. The smell was suddenly gone - and it had been replaced by a girl. She didn't look like much: just some young-adult-age girl with brown hair and gray clothing, with a bandana around her neck that had just a faint touch of blue. Immediately Simon felt a shiver of trepidation - this girl definitely looked WAE, and he was beginning to think that this really had all been a trap.

Simon put up his fists, knowing just how unimpressive he probably looked. Putting on his best menacing glare, he said, "Listen. You'd better stay away from me, unless you want to get clocked. I don't like you and you don't like me, so why don't we both just go our separate ways and forget this meeting ever happened, eh?"

Cyrus Nelvenmig and Fury
Angry Magical-Sonas
ARPers: Those fighting the Antivity.

Cyrus ignored the two Sonas' offerings of shelter, though his ears perked up before-paw, when he heard the ball-shaped Sona whispering about how the gargoyle was the super-weapon. Cyrus had to admit that he wasn't surprised.

"Whoever can house us needs to get us away from here, fast," said Cyrus. He would have to choose his next words carefully, so as not to incriminate Fury. "I can't say how, but our position has been given away, as well as the fact that we have thwarted the raid, and that we have a certain... A specific Sona here that the WAE are eager to find. We must escape as soon as possible, else we risk being killed or captured."
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