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Cool Re: Platinum Team Building Help!

It's funny that you've built a female team. I suggest you to take out Scizor and Staraptor.


Staraptor is got low base stats and Scizor is in disadvantage due its 4x times weak to fire. I think that you could include the following over them:

Lucario - He's fighting and steel type. Besides the fact Lucario has a nice Attack he's also high on Special Attack and can even learn Psychic, the most devastating psychic type movie.

Any ghost - You have Infernape, Roselia and my Lucario (I think that you have), so you better have a ghost Pokemon with Shadow Ball to get protected from psychic type foes. There are many new ghost Pokemons in Diamond and Pealr, so I won't suggest specifically one, you can choose between Rotom, Froslass, Spiritomb, Mismagius... Take the one you think that will be more useful in your team.
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